no-photoStudents are back in school and the second terms or semester for high school students is well underway. But there is much reason for some to still be celebrating their successes in the early part of their school year, like for example three of the top scoring students at Bishop Martin High School.


Liyan Moralez, Adalinie Juchim and Maria Pech all scored a perfect grade point average of 4.0 at the end of their first semester and the school was not shy in making sure these top performers received due recognition.


The students were presented with their honours in a special mass held yesterday at the high school and today we visited with them to find out what their sentiments are after doing so well in school and how they managed a perfect score.


Liyan Moralez – Freshman

“I didn’t study a lot, I only study when what I am going to take would be a little harder than the rest but overall I just studied like once a day for only about ten minutes.”


Dalila Ical- Reporter

“But you are one of those kids who always pay attention in class as well, right?’


Liyan Moralez – Freshman


“Yes and very focus, so when I scored a 4.0 I wasn’t surprise as much but I expected a little.”


Adalinie Juchim – Freshman

“By just studying, reviewing my notes, doing my home works and just like that in other words being very focus in school.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter


“Why were some of most challenges subjects for you now that are in high school?”


Adalinie Juchim – Freshman


“Just the English and the Maths but then I tried to do better and then I got a high grade.’


Like many students, some of these three have already decided on a career path while some are still exploring their options. What is certain, however; is that these students continue to be determined in keeping their grades at an all-time high, and they also have a few words of encouragement for their fellow school mates.


Liyan Moralez – Freshman

“To start studying hard so that they can at least make it on the honour roll”


Adalenie Juchim – Freshman

“Just to keep studying and being focus on their studies”


Maria Pech – Junior

“To never be afraid to do it your best and give your all on everything you do.”


The students have begun their new semester and say they only hope for the best and a great experience at high school.

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