Pastor Antonette Young and her husband Anthony have invited Bishop Nkiru Ogamba and a medical team from the US to come to Belize and host a free medical clinic and a revival service tomorrow. The medical clinic will be carried out at the Trial Farm Government School as the medical team brought by Bishop Nkiru Ogamba will be joined by local doctors Marco Tulio and Leslie Medez from Northern Medical Plaza.

Pastor Young told us more about the services which will be offered at the medical clinic.

pastorPastor Antonette Young- Church of Christ

“We are having a medical clinic at 8:00am at the Trail Farm Government School. The medical team is coming in from California and coordinated a medical clinic for our community free of cost. What is special about this is that we have Doctor Tulio Mendez and his wife Doctor Leslie Mendez who will be joining us seeing patients free and we will be doing free blood sugar screening, we will have over the counter medications and other medications to give away.”

The medical team will be tending to patients until 12 noon and at 7:00pm the revival session will commence. The session will take place at the Peoples Stadium under the theme “Blessed to be blessed.”

Pastor Antonette Young- Church of Christ

“We are celebrating tomorrow evening with a revival, it’s a prayer convention, where churches are coming together and I pray that all churches come together as one in the body of Christ so we call exalt the name of our Lord Jesus Christ for such a time as this. Our nation needs prayer and transformation and when se sit quietly without doing anything about it nothing happens, but if we get together as the body of Christ and get together in unity we can do quite a lot because if one prays we can move a thousand, if two pray we can move ten thousand can you imagine if a stadium full of people pray it’s going to be awesome.”

Pastor Antonette invites everyone to come and take advantage of both activities. For the revival activity she especially wants to invite all dads as Bishop Nkiru Ogamba has a special message for them.

Pastor Antonette Young- Church of Christ

“We are inviting everyone, it doesn’t matter what denomination you are. Bishop Nikky Ogamba is coming in from California along with seven members of her team and she will be the guest speaker it’s going to be a wonderful time.”

Persons wanting to take advantage of the free medical clinic are asked to be at the Trial Farm Government School before 8:00am.

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