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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

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Pic_02_FRTAA 28 year old taxi driver from Concepcion Village in the Corozal District lost his life in a road traffic accident last night. Authorities in that municipality say speeding may have been the contributing factor to his demise. Reporter Victor Castillo followed that story today and filed the following report.

Victor Castillo – Reporting

It was after 8:00pm when Pedro Mendez, uncle of the now deceased Marcelo Damien Aguillar, received a call from a friend only known as Santiago, informing him of the dreadful and deadly accident.

Pedro Mendez - Uncle

“Llamaron eso como de las ocho y cuarto en que él había chocado con un camión pero el que me llamo el no confirmo si él estaba muerto y porque él no estaba en el puesto de los danos todavía, cuando el llego en el puesto el me llamo que ya estaba muerto en que choco con u cabezal en la llanta de atrás y lo mando encima de un pickup.”


Daniel Arzu – Deputy OC.Corozal

“Sometime around 8:00pm yesterday evening, being the 15th of January, 2014 police responded to a traffic accident between miles 87 and 88 on the Phillip Goldson International Highway, there they observe a ten wheeler truck overturned and a green minivan extensively damaged, also in the scene was a red pickup apparently involved in the traffic accident.  Investigation revealed that at the time mentioned the mini an was travelling from the border to the direction towards Corozal and apparently collided front on to the ten wheeler truck causing it to swerve, driver lost control and consequently ran into a pickup that was following behind which is a red pickup driven by a customs officer, the pickup itself also sustained damages but the minivan have extensive damages and as a result of the accident apparently the driver was flown out of the minivan, the driver of the minivan, and landed on the highway and apparently he sustained head and body injuries and he was rushed to the Corozal Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.”

The ten wheeler truck was driven by 44 year old Servando Salazar of Orange Walk Town who was travelling from Corozal Town towards the Northern border. After the collision, Salazar apparently lost control of the truck which flipped and landed with its ten wheels in the air.

The third vehicle that was involved in the collision was driven by Custom Officer Gabriel Pott. Along with him was his wife ElodiaPott. They both suffered minor injuries and were treated and later released from the Corozal Community Hospital.

Accompanying 28 year old Aguillarat the time of the deadly accident was a 16 year old minor and 21 year old Nelson Pech both of Concepcion Village.

Daniel Arzu – Deputy OC.Corozal

“Those passengers’ sustained minor injuries they were also rushed to the Corozal Community hospital where they were treated and they are on stable conditions, the driver and the passenger of the red pickup, the customs officer and his wife also sustained injures and they were also treated at the Corozal Community Hospital and were subsequently released.”

According to Second in Command of the Corozal Police Formation, Daniel Arzu investigations into the accident are still fresh, but indications are that speeding could be the main factor for the collision.

Daniel Arzu – Deputy OC.Corozal

“In terms of alcohol, I would not want to speculate but our investigators are ensuring that a test are obtained by the drivers, in the view of the investigation it would appear that they were speeding looking at the wreckage or the damages that it at the scene and that speeding obviously could be either by the minivan or the driver of the ten wheeler truck but the vehicles are quite extensively damages and that spells out that there was some form of speeding. The process of the investigation is in effect, notice of intend prosecution were served on drivers given the fact that the police are to go deeper into the investigation and probably at that point they would realize who will be charged or not but as it is the matter is under investigation and we are hoping to get some closure into it in the nearest future.”

While police’s hands are full with the investigation,Aguillar’sfamily remains in total shock and are preparing for the last good bye.

Pedro Mendez – Uncle

“Pues él era una persona buena y tenía amigos adonde sea y es conocido por bastantes personas.”

Marcelo Damian Aguillar is the second child out of 8. He leaves behind two daughters, his common law wife, parents and other family and friends.

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