Belize_Police_Dept-BPDpolice_logoA British tourist residing in Consejo Village, Corozal, is tonight recuperating from a frightful ordeal after she was nearly attacked by two men.


On Wednesday, Deborah Jayne Thomson was heading back to the Village of Consejo on bicycle when she was approached from behind by a male person of Hispanic descent who was also on a bicycle. The individual, who was dressed in a bright red shirt, got in Thomson’s way trying to make her swerve off the road into some bushes. The individual then tried to grab her purse which she had in the basket of her bicycle.


Thompson, though; managed to hit the male person causing him to stay behind and she rode faster while calling her husband. As she turned around she saw that the same male person was right behind her.


This time he was accompanied by another male individual also of Hispanic descent who was on bicycle. As the men were about to catch up with Thomson, her husband arrived in the area causing both men to run into some nearby bushes leaving their bicycles behind. Police conducted an extensive search in the area but the men were nowhere to be found.

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