Rally0001Today most schools were closed in Belize City as teachers from the BNTU Belize Branch carried put their rally sending a strong message to GOB. Teachers are rallying for their salary increase, which according to them, is long overdue and other social issues.


And apparently, apart from having the support of many Belizeans and other organizations, teachers also have the backup of the Belize Chamber of Commerce. In a release issued today the chamber expressed their support to the BNTU by stating and we quote “The Chamber supports the Teachers in their demand for a wage adjustment that better reflects the increased cost of living experienced by all Belizeans and the importance of the teaching profession for our country. While we understand Government's financial position, we believe that a wage adjustment can be afforded if it is responsibly phased in over a number of years.” End quote.

The chamber believes that smarter and more efficient government spending, along with a serious effort at the elimination of waste and corruption could provide the financial savings that would cushion wage adjustments and result in improved government services.


In the release the Belize Chamber of Commerce continues to call for the appointment of the 13th senator and a more autonomous PAC. Both groups says the chamber, would go a long way toward ensuring stronger independent reporting and oversight of the nation’s public spending.

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