townJust about in the middle of April, CTV-3 ran a story on a Town Council project at the Barracks, right where buses used to be parked. Back then it seemed like a good deal a sort of win-win situation where the money would be a grant from central government and the labour would be provided by Town Council workers. No wonder the Mayor was so upbeat when he gave this interview on April 14th 

Phillip de la Fuente Mayor

“This project is one of the long awaited projects for the council, it is on our priority list for sanitation purposes, the dust that comes when the buses are arriving and the traffic through this area is not healthy for the food vendors or for the market. Apart from the sanitary conditions that we are addressing is going to be better for the community.”

But like so many things coming out of the Orange Walk Town Council, latest reports are that things have gone south. The money allocated was not enough by a long shot and the project is far from done, as you can see from this footage we took today.

Kevin Bernard PUP Councilor, OWTC

“As it relates to the actual project, at last night meeting it was very revealing to understand that the cost that was budgeted for this project was about fifty eight thousand, it has almost double a wapping ninety four thousand dollars has been spent on this project and it is still yet not completed. They are in need of another forty to fifty thousand dollars to complete this project. Why are we then and in my personal view elaborating on such grandiose project which will not have any effect in the end? For me, I think what they should have done, and it comes back to the same issue about planning, budgeting, we’ve been lacking to even see for the past three years the budget estimates and the approve budget for this town council and I am a councillor.”

As the Council is completely broke, we can only assume that it will go looking to Central Government for the additional monies needed to complete the project. We wish them luck in that endeavour, since Central Governments finances dont seem to be in much better shape than those of the Orange Walk Town Council.

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