Now, while the East Sports Committee is baffled at their inability to obtain the proper documentation for the parcel of land where the East Sports Centre sits, the story, it seems, does not end there. That is because the enclosed area is but half of what should be the East Sports Centre. The parcel of land, a large part of which is concrete, should also be public property. We say should because, well, Dalila Ical has more on that part of the story.


Screen_Shot_2014-01-21_at_8.39.46_PMDalila Ical – Reporting


CTV-3 News understands that the land adjacent the enclosed part of the East Sports Centre is also public property. According to Orlando Burns, the land was first donated to the Town Board over four decades ago.


Orlando Burns – Sports Enthusiast

“That portion of the complex was donated by a private citizen if I am not mistaken it was by the estate of Mr Angel Castillo or by himself, donated that portion to the Town Board, the then Town Board and that would probably be in the early 70’s I am not sure but I wish some of his family members were here and give us the history because one day one of them showed me the document where it was being donated to the Town Board so I then when I saw that I ask the Mayor to intervene to clear up that piece.”


The enclosed parcel was later obtained by a past area representative, Burns adds.


Orlando Burns – Sports Enthusiast

“The other section was privately own by a gentleman of San Estevan, I think one Mr. Hernández and the then representative approached him and in exchange of other land but he was compensated and then the government acquired that pieces of land to make it a bigger space.”


After founding the East Sports Centre Committee over three years ago, one of the first projects was to improve the basketball rims that once stood at the court.


Orlando Burns – Sports Enthusiast

“The first half that looks like always a mechanic shop that had all the old cars that was the original East Sports Centre, it had the two backboard rims until recently somebody cut them down, I don’t know who, but the pipes were solid, they were there, recently. Just when we were about to put the back boards on the existing post that were there forever they disappeared and nobody said nothing somebody went there and cut them off, something that values at least a thousand dollars each, disappeared just like that after being there for many years.”


Burns stresses that both sections are public property and the committee’s contention is that they have been unable to gain access to land documents for either parcel. Previously Burns indicated that there were rumours that someone was filing for the land as private property but he said he didn’t have proof.


In our search for those very papers, we came across this document that verifies the rumours. It is a land register report for parcel ID: 4-102-2215, the parcel of land adjacent the enclosed part of the East Sports Centre.


The land was registered as a private property on October 17th, 2011 to Elodio Aragon of #8 Aurora Street, Orange Walk Town. It was transferred from the government of Belize. In June of 2012, the same parcel was transferred into the name of Adin Glen Aragon, son of Elodio Aragon and the land certificate for that parcel was issued.


So, the land has been privatized. Now the question is, what will the committee do next? As is, the members and Burns himself believe that the land belongs to the people.


Ladrick Shepard – Member of the East Sports Centre Committee

“Let the people decide exactly who they want to run the place and we will go along, Mr. Burns all he wants is what he said he wants the place to stay for the people simple as that.


Orlando Burns – Sports Enthusiast


“It doesn’t matter who the committee is all we want is people who love sports.”


We will keep following the story and continue our attempts at locating the proper documents on the enclosed section of the sports centre.

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