The East Sports Centre Committee’s land dispute is compelling and the document CTV-3 News unearthed has proved their suspicions true. However, it is hard to ignore that one of the very persons pushing for this issue to become public knowledge is and has been a big player in the United Democratic Party. Furthermore, the persons involved in acquiring what should be public property are also factions of the UDP. Therefore, we asked Orlando Burns, the former UDP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk East whether the move is part of a larger political agenda.


Screen_Shot_2014-01-21_at_8.38.58_PMOrlando Burns- Former UDP Standard Bearer O/W East 

“This interview is about my country put your country first before your political party, this is a public park where my children play basketball and a lot of children of the east play basketball and it is time that people stand up and stop looking about politics and about who is involved, it doesn’t matter who they are giving it to I think it is wrong and I stand up for that and this is not about party or politics who or what and I am bringing this up to the media because it is happening for so many months and I have heard nothing official so I just wanted the people to know that all or our work is basically down the drain if you pass thereby you could see place is growing back up it is going to look pretty soon like it was I mean abandoned.”

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