medicalBlessed to be a Blessing” - that is the theme under which 12 volunteers from the US gathered to take a trip to Belize to provide medical services. The team plans to visit all districts in the country during their two week stay. Today the volunteers were stationed at the Trial Farm Government School where they provided free medical services to over 100 patients. Our news team was there and filed the following report.

Bishop Nkiru Ogamba is heading a mission of 12 good Samaritans to carry out this health clinic. The initiative comes from the idea of wanting to spread the good word and at the same time give back to the community in a meaningful and tangible way.

Bishop Nkiru Ogamba - Blessed to be a Blessing

“It started in Los Angeles the Lord gave us a vision that this time around when we come to Belize he wants us to do the prayer coordination and call the different pastors from the different denominations to come together and pray for the nation of Belize. We are not only going to pray for the nation but for those in authority, for the schools, for the young people and for the body of Christ so that we can be one and begin to thank God for the blessing in Belize. The nation of Belize is a blessed nation, God has empowered Belize so that it can be a blessing to others and so we have come and the response has been awesome.”

The services offered today were more general than specialized, and medications for persons suffering from diabetes, hypertension and minor medical problems were also handed out.

medical3Bishop Nkiru Ogamba- Blessed to be a Blessing

“We came with a medical team but we are working with a team from Belize and i just thank God for Pastor Ann and her husband. We brought so many things and I told the team if we need to use 70% of it right here we will do it because Pastor Ann has been working closely with me she has been e-mailing me all the time making arrangements for us to come. You people have wonderful pastors here and I thank God for them.”

Pastor Enid Wallace and Tina Fraser are two of the volunteers on today’s team. Wallace is a Belizean who is happy to be back home and in a position to offer her medical expertise to the community.

Pastor Enid Wallace - Part of Medical Team

“We are catering, I am thinking so far, we have one hundred here but we brought enough for because it is going to be for medical clinics while the time we are here and so there is enough medications for each one of us. What I can tell you there is enough medication for them. We are here and we are really blessed to be here in Orange Walk and it is our desire and our dream to come to the different parts of Belize, to share some of the things we have learnt, bring back and give back to the community because we are from the community, so we are to give back to the community and today we are doing our medical clinic, we are offering free blood sugar testing, we are testing for high blood pressure, hypertension, and we are also going to leave the equipment and teach the people that are diabetic or having high blood pressure and how to use the machines to test their own blood sugar.”

Tina Fraser - Part of Medical Team

“Over the counter, pain medications, allergy medications all of the medications we have are over the counter and there vitamins for the children and for the adults.”

The patients today will also be advised on healthy eating to foster healthier living.

Pastor Enid Wallace- Blessed to be a Blessing

“It is all about what you eat and what you put in the system. As Belizeans we eat a lot of food that turns into sugar quickly, so we want them to know that things that you can’t eat over abundance of certain things because it turns into sugar real quick. So we are blessed to be here and want to really share this information with the people and this is not going to be the last time.”

And Belizeans took advantage of the opportunity – some to do a general checkup, some to check their cholesterol and blood pressure and others just to get vitamins for the kids.

Ivette Martinez- Patient

“Yo vine porque yo sufro de azúcar y de presión y como dijeron que la clínica es gratis pues vine para atender. Los niños solo los traje para sus vitaminas que tan porque ellos dan buena medicina por eso los traje.”

Aracelie Mendez- Patient

“Vine a chequear mi presión, colesterol y mi triglicérido básicamente vine a aprovechar que los doctores están aquí.”

Douglas Sutherland - Patient

“I have something under my arm and the doc tor they told me that the name of that thing is shingle so I want to check with them and verify what I have.”

Dr Marco Tulio Mendez and Dra Leslie Mendez from the Northern Medical Plaza were also on hand, having volunteered their services to assist Belizeans as part of the medical mission.

The next free clinic will be held in Punta Gorda next week. Tonight the same team is conducting a revival convention at the Peoples Stadium where they are expecting over 21 churches from all denominations in the district to participate.

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