In last night’s newscast we told you about the controversy that is brewing in Orange Walk East over the East Sports Centre. A group of sports enthusiasts, members and supporters of the Centre have been trying to get their hands on the document of the parcel of land where the Centre sits. The committee says that with support from Orlando Burns it has been attempting to apply for the lease to the land to help facilitate their applications for funding to keep rehabilitating the centre and host sporting events. But those papers have ben hard to come by. Up to news time we have not located those papers for ourselves as we have been unable to reach appropriate officials at the Lands Registry Department in the Ministry of Natural Resources. What we have got our hands on is an official registry document that clearly shows that the parcel of land adjacent the enclosed area of the centre has been privatised. That land as far as history shows should be public property. With the evidence in hand, CTV-3 News sought to find out what will be the next step for the East Sports Centre Committee.


Screen_Shot_2014-01-22_at_8.07.00_PMDalila Ical – Reporting


The proof is in black and white.


The land was registered as a private property on October 17th, 2011 to Elodio Aragon of #8 Aurora Street, Orange Walk Town. It was transferred from the government of Belize. In June of 2012, the same parcel was transferred into the name of Adin Glen Aragon, Elodio Aragon’s son and the land certificate for that parcel was issued.


So what will the Orange Walk East Sports committee do now?


Orlando Burns

“The committee is going to have a meeting and depending on the reaction of the people, if the people feel that we should just leave this thing alone and whoever got the land deserves it then we have to leave it alone but if the people tell us that they want us to stand up and then they would stand up with us then I personally feel and I am going to suggest that we take signatures of those people who want to stand up and I think it is about time that we the people of Belize stand up for what is right, let defend what is our and I think that is wrong for a public basketball court to be given to a private citizen that has been there for so long and worst of all is that it was donated.  I have a certificate and I want to share it with the public that was sent to me by the family that they are so hurt that where Mr. Angel was given a Certificate of Appreciation by the said committee then and signed by the committee members and there is another one shown that the Town Board has given him earlier.”


And Burns adds that he will again revisit the Prime Minister for assistance on the matter.


Orlando Burns

“I will take it to the Prime Minister and hopefully he can help us resolve this problem because I have said that, I spoke to him before and he does not agree with it from the very first minute I mention it, I can’t even tell you the words he use on the radio and on TV that he doesn’t agree with something like that and I am totally in agreement with him and I believe that he is going to stand up on the side of the people.”


Burns says that the family of Angel Castillo, who donated the land to the Town Board, has contacted him and adds that they are not too pleased about the news.


Orlando Burns

“The family enlightened me today and they said it was donated for a park and it was to be named in Mr. Castillo’s’ wife, Mrs Guadalupe, so it was called Guadalupe Park.  So for many years there were some benches there and it was a park and it was called Guadalupe Park.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter


“Then it slowly it turned in a basketball court and then eventually now basically abandoned?”


Orlando Burns


“Right, that is right and I am urging the Orange Walkenos let stand and if you support the committee the committee is going to stand up and get the signatures and hopefully we can resolve this problem and then probably there is no need to do all this if the people who have gotten it and say well look man we made a mistake we want to give it back, the good Lord always forgive people and I believe in second chances and no hard feelings.”


But whether that will happen is anyone’s guess. In the meantime, Burns encourages the public to lobby behind the committee to reclaim that parcel of land.


Orlando Burns

“The young people, any leader of the community get in touch with me, anybody, people, the teachers, cane farmers, elected representatives, especially the two candidates that are campaigning right now, I would hope that they could get in contact with me and say something about the situation because they are aspiring to represent the people of the east and the present representative.”


We will keep following this story and bring you more details as they develop.

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