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Road rehabilitation continues to be a priority for the Orange Walk Town Council. After several weeks of work on at least four junctions along Fonseca Street in Town, the council has identified key areas that will now see improvements. We spoke with Mayor Kevin Bernard on the projects that should get underway in the days ahead.


Screen_Shot_2014-01-22_at_8.07.43_PMDalila Ical – Reporting


Work on the four key points of Fonseca Street is nearing culmination. The area is well rehabilitated after concrete blocks were laid at the intersections along with necessary drainage system.


Mayor Bernard says work now continues on other streets.

Kevin Bernard – Mayor, OWT

“I ask the patience for the residence of that area to bear with us but we are going to address those streets and especially in that lower Pasadita Area, Juventus and all those areas no. One of the major undertaking that we also be doing is that we are finally going to get on to finishing Mahogany and Zapodilla, immediately after this grader leaves from here we are going to start the ripping and scarifying and compacting of mahogany street and Zapodilla street because we want to pave that street by the end of March.”


Mayor Bernard says they are also looking at working on Mahogany and Sapodilla streets.


Kevin Bernard – Mayor, OWT

“We know that a lot of those street were previously asphalts streets but it has been broken up due to lack of maintenance for years and so we decided you know what we are going to do we are going to rip these streets and scarify it and compact it and at least to have it in a much drivable condition. We are looking at an entire month of projects that we will be doing at the same time you may ask what about more intersections, we are going to be meeting as a council to try and see what we can do, what other areas we can identify, what would be the cost, right now we are getting estimates from our contractor to supply to us so that we can know exactly what would be the cost and of course all of these things can happen when people pay their taxes, once people pay their taxes the council can do much more.”


Other streets in the councils list include some like Naranjal and Cabbage Streets also in the Louisiana Area. The recent rains have also compounded the horrible state of the road network in Orange Walk Town. One of these has been Santa Familia Street. Mayor Bernard says the council has ensured repairs were done to the most affected stretch and adds that that street should be further rehabilitated.


Kevin Bernard – Mayor, OWT

“We have been informed that when we went to Belmopan last month in December we were informed that the contract for the remaining portion of Santa Familia Street that is yet to be paved has been given to De’mars Stone Company so they will be taking care of that, they will be finalizing that area, work I understand should commence hopefully by the end of this month of early February. We would have hoped that we could have done the whole of Santa Familia in phase tow but it is costly but the budget for that I understand it called for only $300,000.00 that was left and so that was granted to De’mars Stone Company who was the lowest bidder.”


Among the projects is the rehabilitation of the Orange Walk Central Park


Kevin Bernard – Mayor, OWT

“Right now we are talking from representatives of BEL who has some major lines in that area who has to come and upgrade in order for SIF to be able to carry out that work and this Central Park upgrade is also costing the council because it will cost us our 3% counterpart of funding of about $60,000.00 plus and so we are already starting in terms of the payment for those as well so the council is doing his part making sure we meet the criteria’s in order for us to get our park upgrade.  Small works will commence which will be in the park itself and then later on in the months of April and June people should see the upgrade of the surroundings which is the drains and the streets like I mention before the idea behind that is to transform the park into a walking zone at the same time making sure it is still accessible to small vehicular traffic but you will see stamp concrete being placed on the streets so that it could be more uplifted and more greenery will come into our park.”


The mayor says that at the moment the council should be collecting 1.1 million in property tax revenues and encourages the public once more to pay or make arrangements to do so. The money he adds will help finance more work in town.

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