Screen_Shot_2014-01-22_at_8.07.49_PMAt the start of the New Year, there were two burglaries in the Corozal District that went under the radar as it did not make the police’s situation report. One of the burglaries occurred 12 days ago at the Kiddy Kinder Garden, one of the first preschools that were formed in Corozal Town.

According to the Director of the preschool, who preferred to remain anonymous, on the 10th of January upon arriving at the preschool she noticed that the rear door of the building was open. Upon making further checks she discovered that the room had been ransacked and a Laser jet printer was missing.

To make matters worse the printer was not property of the school. But it seems that the culprits were not satisfied and targeted the school a second time over the weekend. This time several school supplies were stolen.

The general public is advised that purchasing stolen goods is illegal and is a criminal offence.

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