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The controversy surrounding the land where the East Sports Centre on Aurora Street and the parcel of land adjacent the centre continue to be of interest. Since the East Sports Centre Committee brought to light their difficulties faced when trying to acquire the land documents for the sports centre, the circumstances surrounding the land next to it, a land that should be government property and a community park, came to light and took the forefront in this matter. We have presented an official document that shows that the parcel has been privatized since 2012, but there are allegations that the information gathered may be erroneous. Therefore, we dug further into the story to find out more on the parcel of land and here is what we found.


parkDalila Ical – Reporting


The documents we obtained and which is registered in the Lands Registry department shows that parcel ID: 4- 102- 2215 was first registered on October 17th, 2011 in the name of Elodio Aragon. The Status indicators section state it is “Absolute Title, Private Land, Active Parcel, Freehold”. On January sixth 2012, that title was then transferred to Adin Glen Aragon.


To be sure the parcel ID:4- 102- 2215 stated on the land register report is indeed what should be Guadalupe Park, we also checked the land map to make sure and the numbers coincide. That same parcel is the same shown on the map as being Guadalupe Park.


CTV-3 News understands that it was stated that the land given to Aragon is the one north of the park which on the map is parcel 2214, but from what we learned, that land is the private property of Gloria Aguirre Meza and her husband. The three parcels Meza is talking about are shown on the map as two parcels – 2214 and 2213. However, official land documents held by Meza shows that the land was previously three separate parcels which the Meza family purchased from their close friends the Castillo Family in 1979. Those parcels were numbered as parcel 63, 65, and 66, the latter being the land along Aurora Street and which appears as 2214 on the current map.


Meza says to date those parcels remain in her family’s name. The information is in black and white but Meza also gives testimony that the parcel of land which was once popularly known as Guadalupe Park was a donation from Angel Castillo.


Gloria Aguirre Meza

“Me dijo que se lo va donar a Polo que estaba en el Town Board, Polo Briceno para que así la gente lo goce también un parque y que se llame Guadalupe Park, su nombre de su esposa, la dueña porque ella era la verdadera dueña.La historia que yo conozco que mi compadre me dijo personalmente que quería poner un cruce para la gente, y lo quería hacer aquí en mi patio pero después el cambio porque iba a quedar un middle piece aquí ente medio e iba a ver salida para la gente y el lo cambio entre medio del sports center y el parque.”

Meza also testifies that the land where the East Sports Centre lies, parcels 2218 and 2219 were at that time owned by one Hill Hernandez.


The news of the transfer of title for parcel 2215 has reached the ears of Castillo’s surviving family members. His grandson is Dave Burgos who spoke with us.


Dave Burgos – Grandson, Angel Castillo

“It seems that they have rubbed the memory of my grandmother, only the street, Guadalupe Street stays as my grandmother’s name, Asuncion Aurora, all of these are names of my Aunts because that areas, the Castillo  Estate it was divided into four daughters, my mother and my three aunts and my grandfather living at the time gave that donation.”


But we were made to understand that the documents which prove the parcel was indeed donated and is public property are missing from Town Hall. Given what has come to light, Burgos says he has met with his two aunts and mother who he says may very well be seeking legal action to rectify the situation.


Dave Burgos – Grandson, Angel Castillo

“They are not happy with it, they told me to tell the Town Council which I have done so and they are going to meet today and meet about it that we as a family are going to fight it back, but it is not right for us to fight it back I think it is the people of Orange Walk Town and it is so sad that the onus will be on the present Town council who is a People’s United Party town board and want it seems that it is PUP fighting against UDP but no, it is the people of Orange Walk town that should be railing up because it is a park for the people of Orange Walk town that is being taken away, that can’t happen.  We, the family will not allow that to happen, we have seen our lawyers and it is a case that it will happen because as has been told we have missed information in regards to the property, the minister says no it still belongs to the government and yet research reveals that no it has been given to a private individual, so we are giving the town board the authority because they are the ones that own this on behalf of the Orange Walkenos to get a lawyer and to fight this back because it is not right to give something and then later on we have to go and to fight this back and give it back to the people of Orange Walk it will be like a double investment, but if we go fight for it we will give it back to the family and we don’t want that either because it is something in memory of my grandmother and I don’t think we need to go this far it’s wrong, it’s wrong.”


The family will be conducting their own investigations into the situation says Burgos but hopes that the public will fight for what should remain public property.


Dave Burgos – Grandson, Angel Castillo

“I can go and speak to the Prime Minister and even the minister of lands because it is not a land for Dave Burgos or for my family it is no longer for us, it is a land that was given to Orange Walk and the Orange Walk people deserve it, should enjoy it and it should not be given away privately.”


We attempted to contact Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega for a comment on the matter but have been unable to reach him.


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