Screen_Shot_2014-01-23_at_6.54.21_PMTonight the nightmare for, 32 year old Eduardo Nah and his common law wife 25 year old Roxanie Cruz, the couple who was kidnapped by four armed masked men as they arrived at their home in the Village of Copper Bank on Monday night, continues.  Today when we contacted Officer Commanding the Corozal Police Formation Andrew Ramirez for an update on the case he told us that the kidnappers have contacted the couple demanding what is believed to be a large sum of money. We understand that police are looking closely into the matter and are presently interrogating persons of interest.

As previously mentioned, on Monday night the couple was abducted by four armed Hispanic men. They were taken to a cane field between Progresso and San Estevan in the family’s dark grey Toyota 4 Runner. Right there and then Nah had to hand over $15,000 to his abductors in order for him and his wife to be released.  Before being released the kidnappers did inform Nah and his common-law-wife that they would be contacted for more money, hence why they were given a chip to a Digicell phone. We understand that police have been doing their work in tracing the number.  

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