Screen_Shot_2014-01-23_at_6.54.59_PMA traffic accident in the heart of Corozal Town sent to women and a half month old baby to the Corozal Community Hospital. At around 9:40 yesterday morning police visited 5th Avenue where they observed a white Toyota Tacoma Pick-Up with Corozal license plate parked in front of a food stall facing a northerly direction and a grey Mercedes Benz Car with Belmopan license plate parked on the right hand side of the street with damages to its left front portion.

Reports are that the pick-up, which was driven at the time by Angel Patt, 34 year old Belizean Construction worker of Santa Rita Area, Corozal Town, was traveling on 3rd Street South from an east to west direction and upon making a right turn into 5th Avenue, fell into a drain.

In his attempt to get the pick-up out of the drain Patt accelerated the vehicle. And the vehicle did come out of the drain but as it did so it slammed into the grey Mercedes Benz at the same time hitting Janira Gamboa, 21 year old Belizean sales clerk of Concepcion Village, Corozal District, who was holding her new born and Solemi Novelo, 17 year old Belizean unemployed of Concepcion village, Corozal District. The pick-up also caused damages to the food stall belonging to Gloria Itzab.

Gloria Itzab – Owner

“Yo abrí la puerta y bidé que ellos están aquí adentro, yo no sé si el carro las empujo o ellas se metieron o bidé solo mire que quebraron el screen door y se metió el carro, y las dos muchachas sí creo que se lastimaron y él bebe una de ellas lo tenía en el bazo pero no sé si se lastimaron.”

Gloria Itzab – Owner

“Yo estaba agachada cuando yo bidé que trono la caseta, yo me levanté y yo bidé que un carro estaba subido en la banqueta después de eso yo me asuste y mire que el muchacho que lo manejaba no podía para y la llanta estaba dando vuelta.”

CTV3 News understands that Solemi Novelo sustained a swollen right hand and complained of pain on her right knee and right ankle while Janira Gamboa sustained abrasions to both elbows and complained of back pain. Novelo’s new born sustained a laceration on the right side of her face. A notice of intended prosecution has been served to Angel Patt while investigation continues.

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