caneYesterday the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and the Belize Sugar Industries Limited met for an emergency meeting at BSI. CTV3 News understands several issues pertaining to the Sugar Industry were up for discussion - number one being the closure of the 2010/2011 crop season.

As we mentioned previously because of the rainy weather the BSCFA was proposing for crop to be closed this coming Saturday. But BSI was in total disagreement because according to them there was more cane to be delivered.

During yesterdays meeting however an exact date for the closure of crop could not be set because the meeting never concluded. CTV3 News understands that the factory suffered another one of their hiccups in the form of a temporary shutdown and the meeting was postponed for another date. When we spoke to Chairman of the BSCFAs Committee of Management Alfredo Ortega he told us that despite the fact that an exact date was not set, the 2010/2011 crop season could come to an end on Thursday or Friday of next week depending on the weather. According to Ortega approximately 25,000 tons of cane has not been delivered to the factory. It is expected that by the time crop is over all that cane would have been delivered.

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todo los k son charirman son ratas

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