san-estevan-roadThe incessant rains over the last months have not only caused damage to the sugar roads. Mother Nature has also caused extreme damage to the road network countrywide. An initial assessment conducted by the Ministry of Works sets the cost of damages on roads at $18.4 million. According to Minister of Work Rene Montero, his Ministry is currently carrying out works damaged areas including Orange Walk and Corozal.

Rene Montero- Minister of Works

“In Corozal a total of $423,500.00 has been spent in this district which includes grading and small patching in Buena Vista and Caledonia, rehabilitation of Tony New River Road, Laguna Seca Road amongst other, works were also going includes grading, spot patching along the Santa Cruz, Caledonia road, narrow sugar road, Corozal, Patchakan Road, and the rehabilitation of all sugar roads in the district at an estimated cost of 1.6 million dollars.  It is estimated Mr. Speaker, that we will require an additional 1.6 million dollars in order to address the Pueblo Nuevo roadway, Sarteneja and Chunox and the constructions of sections of the Phillip Goldson highway which passes through Corozal Town. Mr. speaker, in Orange Walk  a total of $237,150.00 has been spent carrying out emergency works as follows; grading and spot patching in the Yo Creek/san Antonio Road, San Luis Village Road and the pot hole and pre-mix patching of the section of the Philip Goldson Highway between miles 52 and 58 with an estimated cost of 2 million dollars for the ongoing works which includes grading and spot patching on the Santa Martha Road, san Felipe, Blue Creek Road, also drainage in the Trial Farm Area and all sugar roads in the district, additionally Mr. speaker we will require an additional 3 million dollars in order to reconstruct the section of the Phillip Goldson highway which passes through Orange Walk, conduct grading and spot patching in other areas affected like in Guinea Grass, Indian Church, Santa Cruz and San Carlos amongst others.”

And as it pertains to the San Estevan/Progresso Road, Montero says works should commence soon and this time government will hold the contractor accountable.

Rene Montero- Minister of Works

“The San Estevan/ Progresso Road under the European Project much has been said about this project Mr. Speaker.  The contractor has received refinancing and work on this road is underway, three bad areas had been addressed and the road is passable and the contractor is committed to complete his contracted obligation if weather permits.  The ministry of works will continue to assist in the containers aspect to ensure that this road is trafficable, Mr. Speaker, in addition to this we now have in place a strong supervision team headed by Mr. Pedro Carrillo and Mr. Segura, two formal senior technical officers employed by the ministry of works and we at the ministry will ensure that the contractor fulfill its obligations in completing this project without any further delays.”

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