Last week, our news centre was first to break the story of a public space that ended in private hands; namely the lot next to the East Sports Center in orange Walk Town, supposedly the proposed Guadalupe park. As we’ve reported the land in question was registered as a private property on October 17th, 2011 to Elodio Aragon of #8 Aurora Street. This parcel #2215 was transferred from the Government of Belize. In June of 2012, the same parcel was transferred in the name of one Adin Glen Aragon, son of Elodio Aragon Sr where a land certificate verifying entitlement was issued. And while the story has been drawing a lot of fanfare from Orange Walk residents, today there was an impromptu press conference which was held by the Political aspirant for Orange Walk East, Elodio Aragon Junior. Our news team was on hand for the event and filed the following report.

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Former Assistant Police Commissioner turned Political Aspirant for the Orange Walk East, Elodio Aragon Junior, flanked by his father, also former politician and a few members of his political camp staged an impromptu press conference this morning at the land in question; parcel number 2215. And while the story drew a lot of attention, this morning’s conference saw a ‘hand over’ of the land in question back to the public, or in this case, the Government of Belize.


Elodio Aragon Junior


“I decided to look into the matter and as a result I spoke to my father and to Mr. Vallejos from the Ministry of Lands, upon getting a good understanding of the land issue and knowing that it involves a piece of property that could be beneficial to the people of the East, I have since asked my brother for that piece of land in question to be reverted back to the Government of Belize which he has agreed to do so and have done so in writing, I have then asked the Deputy Prime Minister responsible for land that this piece of land be placed under the ministry of sport so that it can be used for the benefit of all which he has assured us that that will be done.”


So, what is the catch? Well, turns out there is none, according to Elodio Aragon Senior.


Elodio Aragon Senior


“To me I have lived with much more than nine hundred dollars, for Christmas I took two thousand dollars and shared it with the neighbours, I am the type of person who believes in giving, and I know that my children have followed my same example, they believe in being generous to people, helping the poor, doing whatever we can to assist in whichever way we can and to me, but tell you what to fight over a piece of land like this when it was to spend more money later to me it doesn’t mean anything much more to me again, it just meant that the dream that my son had of doing something for the public has been stopped but that doesn’t mean that it ends there probably in the future something might happen and we might be able to do something different but for the moment that is what has happened and the land has been reverted back to the government and we are saying ok this one was stopped but that doesn’t mean we stop doing what we want to do and to answer your question directly about one thing compensation, we don’t want no compensation because if we get a thousand d dollars or ten thousand dollars it will be said that it is two hundred and fifty thousand dollars that we got so before we get tangle with that kind of thing we are saying we don’t want no compensation we are prepared to give that up.”


And amidst all the attention brought about by former comrade, Orlando Burns, Aragon Jr says the issue was brought to light to smear his political campaign while his father claims Burns has some personal vendetta against him.


Elodio Aragon Junior


“The mere fact that this issue was brought up at this point in time was as a direct result to try to smear my campaign, my campaign has been positive from the onset and I want the general public of the east to know that whenever there is something that comes to my attention specially being the next standard bearer for Orange Walk East I want them to know that Mr. Elodio Aragon Junior will not stand idly by, I will step up and I will fight for the people of the east.


Elodio Aragon Senior


“Mr. Burns have something wrong in his mind, he is not correct, he is campaigning for Mr. Constanza and he is trying to use everything that he has timed it for the last week to do everything to get the people from the east to turn against my son here and let me just go a little further, it is like he cannot accept the fact that the DPM decided to give me this lot, he cannot accept that fact, he felt that he as the areas caretaker and running for this areas supposed to have gotten it, I got it and since then he cannot forgive me for that, so he has built vendetta against me but he joins Constanza and wants Adrian to lose the convention so he is using all of this to campaign but let me say this and won’t go any further from this that if a was prepared to discuss matters of these lands here in front of us, I tell you BNE money if you would followed it you could have get some PUP’s and Landy Burns in problem.”


While the matter has been resolved, it is now to wait for the land title transfer to be finalized and be placed back under the National Sports Council in the Ministry of Sports.

It is of note that the request to revert the land back to the Government was sent via a letter to Belmopan on Thursday; so far, no approval verbally or in writing has been given.

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