Screen_Shot_2014-01-27_at_6.39.02_PMAnd while the parcel of land has been proposed to be given to the National Sports Council, the news did not sit well with the Orange Walk Town Council who claims that the land should have been given back to the people of Orange Walk. Mayor Kevin Bernard claims that the council has faced much taxation and hardships to access the recreational spaces for Town events. Here is that interview after the press conference held this morning.

Kevin Bernard – Mayor of Orange Walk Town

“Well, of course it has been returned to the Government of Belize, I believe that we as a council we will try our best as well to try to get back this park.  We have already spoken about it on Friday but of course we don’t want to be caught in the middle of any personal or any internal political issues that they are currently facing and as such we have decided to deal with it on our angle and so that is the reason we decided to pass that resolution. We believe that also this is a park that was maintained many years ago before and gradually deteriorated of course way back I understand way back in 2003 it started becoming aground for old vehicle and so forth because of the same issues, people were wondering ever of not this was a park again and whose hand it was in and so we have found out the truth but I believe that what is important is that we need to ensure that these places be return to the people of Orange Walk and not to a ministry of sport because if you would speak to the councilor in charge of sport the difficult he has to carry out events under the people stadium or at the Multi-Purpose Complex because it is being politicize and all we are doing is trying to promote something healthy for our young people so if this is to remain as a park let keep it as a park under the hospices of the Orange Walk Town council and we are here prepared to bring up this park as well and work with the community of the east to bring it up to standards.”

The Council is requesting from the Government to do all in its power legally or otherwise to ensure that the title for this land be re-issued and also for parcel 2218 and 2219 be transferred on behalf of the people of Orange Walk Town.

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