Communities keep growing in our country and with that come different needs based on their location and size. Meeting those needs however can prove a real challenge for Village Councils and therefore when that much needed assistance is rendered; it is only to the benefit of the people. In Northern Belize, at least eight communities are receiving such benefits under projects implemented by the Belize Red Cross Society and financed by the American Red Cross. These projects are all part of the Resilience in the America’s Project. Over the weekend we visited San Antonio Rio Hondo in the Orange Walk District which is benefiting from a garbage bin project currently being implemented. Reporter Dalila Ical has that story.

Screen_Shot_2014-01-27_at_6.40.15_PMDalila Ical -  Reporting


Ian Glory – Field Coordinator

“The idea is to establish garbage bins for the community, in this way improving the cleanliness, health, hygiene, sanitation programs as well as improving the waste management and drainage within the village because we know it is prone to flooding.”


Ian Glory is the Field Coordinator for the Resilience in the America’s Project which was first launched in late 2012 and is being implemented in three phases until it’s conclusion in 2015.


Glory says the projects implemented vary depending on each community’s need. In San Antonio Rio Hondo, the garbage bin project was most ideal.


Ian Glory – Field Coordinator

“Once we identify and the vulnerability of the community we would identify projects that would help them overcome that vulnerability.  There’s programs such as VIP latrines like in some in which we are going to construct a sample latrines and see the acceptance of the people and if it is well accepted then we will further continue the project and each community would have a priority in their needs so it is based on their actual need identified.”


The projects are financed mostly by the Red Cross but other sponsors make contributions. In this case, all the drums were donated towards the project.


Glory says that the project was welcomed by the villagers who personally collected and erected their garbage bins at their residence. The work began last week and continued into Saturday morning. Felipe Manrique was just finishing cementing the base of his bin when we caught up with him.


Felipe Manrique – Resident

“Ahorita que están dando esta ayuda y ya se va a empezar juntar la basura esta bueno porque ya no se va a tirar en las calles. Dicen que nos van a dar una ayuda para que va a venir una máquina para ir a botarlo al basurero en el camino de Cocoyol.”

The Belize Red Cross Society is also collaborating with the Ministry of Works and has identified a dump site for the village along the Cocoyol area.

Under the Resilience in the Americas Project, the Belize Red Cross Society is implementing programs in eight communities. In the Corozal District, programs are being implemented in Consejo and San Victor Villages and the Corozal Urban Area.


In the Orange Walk District, programs are being implemented in the Black Water Creek Area Trial Farm Village, the Louisiana Area, and San Antonio and Santa Cruz Villages. There is also an educational part to the initiative and the Red Cross Society is implementing this in all communities through the Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation program which will run for one year.

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