Screen_Shot_2014-01-27_at_6.40.04_PMLast Friday we reported an incident in which police allegedly broke into a home when no one was inside. The owner of the residence, Aleida Dias told CTV-3 News that she was away late Friday afternoon and received a call informing her of what had transpired. Dias’ front door was pried open and the door frame was broken.


While the house didn’t seem to have been searched, Dias alleges that money she had put away was missing. A small storage house located behind her residence was also broken into and ransacked.


Dias says she was going to make an official report of the incident at the Orange Walk Police formation and by all appearances she did. Today Ctv-3 News followed up the story.  


According to officials, Police are investigating the matter. Official reports are that the Sergeant leading the team reported that they heard someone in the house. They add that since no one opened upon knocking, the officers entered by force. After learning no one was at home, reports are that they did not search the residence. As for the allegations of money gone missing after the officers entered, that matter is also being investigated.

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