Aalawi Productions has produced another music video, this time for a new artist in the music business - Geo. Geo is from Belize City and he allowed us to get a hold of the music video. While he was not here today to talk to us about the music, we spoke with Michael Vasquez, the producer from Aalawi Poductions who was the creator of the video.

This is the latest work coming out of Aalawi Productions. The video is called “Baby with you” and was shot here in Orange Walk.

video2Michael Vasquez- Aalawi Productions

“It was done about three months ago, from then it was completed but there were many complications that we had to deal with because, first of all, it was suppose to have some advertisement for Hyper Vodka then it was turndown and so it has different things in it but basically it was improvised because it was only done in two days and not much planning was put into it. As you can see in the video we just came up with different ideas on the spot.”

When it comes to the visuals used in the production the main story line is all about a man in love.

Michael Vasquez- Aalawi Productions

“The song is called “Baby with You” and am guessing that the songs speaks about how the guy feels much more comfortable to be with that girl and wouldn’t want to do anything else but with that girl. So basically the first scene is this romantic picnic scene, whereby there is glass table and fruits and their wine and after that the second scene is by Lamanai as I said and the third is by the river side, they are having fun by the riverside.”

videoThe video is of very high quality and Vasquez told us that he is looking forward to even better productions.

Michael Vasquez- Aalawi Production

“I do realize that people are getting better because even people that I had work with before in the very beginning from swagon melody records which have mixed vibes and the others have notices they have stepping up as well and they have new systems they are stepping up big time and the quality in the sound of their music is also going up as well.”

“Baby with you” can be viewed in its entirety at www.aalawiproductions.com.

Aalawiproductions.com mainly features music videos but the producer has also included art and poetry which you can enjoy on the website.

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