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    Friday, 07 September 2018 02:44
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    Friday, 07 September 2018 02:46
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    Friday, 07 September 2018 03:09

During the past few weeks, concerned citizens and residents of Carmelita Village have noticed illegal dumping taking place near the entrance of the village, aligning the highway. According to local residents, this has been going on for quite some time and is now getting out of control. Our news team followed the story and reporter Maria Novelo filed the following report.

Screen_Shot_2014-01-28_at_8.20.46_PMMaria Novelo – Reporting

Styrofoam items, plastic bottles, soiled baby diapers, and accumulated household waste, litter the stretch of the Philip Goldson Highway, immediately upon entering Carmelita Village. It is a definite eye sore for many, and we found out that garbage generated during the last few weeks or months, remains uncollected, defacing the Village and causing much nuisance to the residents with its unbearable stench and possible health hazards. That is the sentiment we got from many residents when we visited Carmelita Village today. One such resident who requested to remain anonymous says it’s the villagers within the community causing this disturbing trend.



“Estas cosas ahora poco empezaron y la misma gente de acá está tirando la basura y lo que yo pienso de ello es que no piensa y yo ya le muestre a Codd como yo hago con mi basura.”

But what would prompt people to dump garbage along the highway, in plain sight? That is the question we asked Chairman of Carmelita Village, Hilton Codd Junior today in a telephone interview. While Codd said they do routine garbage pickups within the village; he was unaware of the situation.


Hilton Codd- Chariman Carmelita Village

“In the last two weeks we picked up garbage from within the village and but we throw it at the back and that goes into the Pine Ridge and so we don’t know who is doing that one there.”


Maria Novelo – Reporter


“But it is accumulating for a while now so it is not something that you looked into?”


Hilton Codd- Chariman Carmelita Village


“Yes, but I don’t know that, that is out of our boundaries, once it jumps the boundary line but well I have to check on that because I didn’t know about it and we will have to see what we could do about it but for weekend because that is news and first time I hearing about it.”


The problem gets compounded by the fact that the Pine Ridge Road is in deplorable conditions making it difficult for smaller vehicles to access the dumpsite. Codd says that may very well be what is causing this trend.


Hilton Codd- Chariman Carmelita Village

“For instance not anybody could go back at where we go dump because we use tractor the road is bad and it is in a bad situation w done try fix it but public works don’t want to help and that is a sugar road.”


Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Where is the dumpsite located?”


Hilton Codd- Chariman Carmelita Village


“Right going into the Pine Ridge and the road is in a bad situation. Sunday we went on tractor and it is hard for small vehicles go in and I gone at the public work to ask them if they can’t go and graded at least.”


Maria Novelo – Reporter


“You think because people can’t access that road to the dumpsite that they are throwing it before the dumpsite?”


Hilton Codd- Chariman Carmelita Village


“Yes that is what is happening.”


Some residents say that they have known the difficulties of properly disposing garbage so they would opt to burn their waste in their own yards.


Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Que tú haces con tu basura?”


“Yo lo quemo, yo tengo hecho un hoyo grande asa y entonces como lo voy tirando lo voy quemando, eso para no darle tanto trabajo al pueblo, es como en la orilla de mi calle en mi casa no espero que la maquina lo venga a chapear lo que yo hago lo limpio porque soy yo quien vive haya y entonces eso es lo que la gente no puede hacer yo creo.”

While that stretch of road is an eye sore, it is promised that remedial works will be done to clean up the area during the course of the week.

Our news team spotted many areas that needed attention including the Yo creek Road and other roads leading to villages like Sarteneja. The most noticeable waste product is Styrofoam items, which is a non-biodegradable product that puts a strain on the environment. Like everything else, doing your part to keep litter to a minimum is easy, but as we all know it takes Civic Pride. Viewers and listeners are reminded that littering is punishable by law.

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