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On November 28th of last year, we reported on the re-distribution of a 20 acre lot at the Consejo Road South East of the Corozal District, which had the name of Lennox Garbutt as former lessee of the property. At the time of the report, Garbutt acquired the land back in November of 2011 and had paid his taxes on the lease up to 2013. But last year he received a letter indicating that he was no longer owner of the parcel due to non-development and the parcel was to be issued to Ada Luz Romero, sister of Minister of Health Pablo Marin. Since that report aired, Garbutt claims that walking on the streets of Corozal has not been the same. And to make matters worse, Garbutt claims that this past Sunday he was detained by Corozal Police for approximately 4 hours. But what was the rationale behind his detention? He spoke to Victor Castillo this morning.

Screen_Shot_2014-01-28_at_8.21.24_PMLenox Garbutt

“I was hanging out with some friends and my son, the kid, the minister passing on his vehicle, according to the police because I didn’t saw him, when the minister passed in his vehicle and like ten minutes after the police come and start to, they have to detain me because the minister said that I showed him my middle finger so when they came and they detained me and I asked them to just drop my son and then go at the station, they didn’t wanted so I had to make my son walk by himself.  When I was detained I went to the station and they asked for my properties and stuff and they wanted to put me in the cell but a police constable said no, leave him alone on the bench and I was there for about three to four hours because the sergeant told me that it is an order from Mr. Ramirez to detain me and until he comes back and so I asked what was my charge and they said because I pointed my middle finger to the minister.”

When we spoke to Superintendent Andrew Ramirez, in an off camera interview, he told us Minister Marin did file a report against Garbutt for disrespecting him in public. According to Ramirez, Marin wanted the intervention of the police so as to avoid any future confrontations. But despite that the issue is an ongoing one; Garbutt believes that it’s an abuse of Political authority.

Lenox Garbutt

“Police told me that whenever I see the minister coming on the street take a another street, but no man this is a free country why we have to run form a minister because we have a problem with this land issue that he give his sister my land so this will be a problem every time I see this man, this man told a lie on me saying that maybe I pull a gun or a personal opinion they won’t investigate. So it is very wrong and unjust and well this thing must stop because he is victimizing my right I mean detained without a report at the station I mean that is unfair.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“So you think he is abusing of his powers?”

Lenox Garbutt

“Well, yes because if he could just call and instruct the police them to pick me up, I mean I listen to the PM saying that no minister can instruct no body to do anything but he instruct the police to pick me up which that is not right.”


Victor Castillo – Reporter

“So how would you want this problem solved?”

Lenox Garbutt

“Well, I need for this man talk to this man because I think he has a personal problem due to the land or I will seek a legal advice and deal with a lawyer because then I was detained for nothing. Well I am going to go see my lawyer Mr. Cardona.”

We contacted Minister Pablo Marin to speak on the matter but were referred to his media person who relayed to him our request for his side of the story. Our calls were returned but we were informed that the Minister prefers not to speak on the matter.

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