The Trinidad Government School today received a much welcomed facelift. The work was done free of cost to the school and community by a group of students and teachers from Millwoods Christian School in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Our news team caught up with the team as they painted over school buildings and had some fun in the sun with the students. Dalila Ical has that report.


Screen_Shot_2014-01-28_at_8.20.56_PMDalila Ical – Reporting


The group of 32 students and seven staff members are in northern Belize visiting several primary schools conducting service projects. These include repainting schools or parks and holding presentations at these institutions. Assistant Principal Dan Vandermeer tells us about their objectives.

Dan Vandermeer – Assistant Principal

“Back in Edmonton we are a school that believes in teaching our children how to serve and how to lead so from young grade they all are serving in the community and ones they hit the ninth to twelve grade we allowed them to come internationally and serve so we are just trying to build leadership capacity to our kids and so this get out of their North American bubble and they can come down here and see that there is a need and the learn to how they can get beyond themselves, learn how to help others, essentially.”


Today the team was in Trinidad Village to repaint the school buildings and then some…


Victoria Carrillo – Principal

“Apart from the facelift they are interacting with these students, they are getting expose to different things and the students also did presentation for them in the morning, singing, dancing and the students from Trinidad Government School really enjoyed that.  Interaction plays a great role in their overall development.”


The students and teachers provide all materials used in their projects and are financed through fund raisers held all year round back home. It’s an experience according to Vandermeer and his wife, Jacqueline Vandermeer that helps students build in areas of leadership, service and academics.


Dan Vandermeer – Assistant Principal

“Our students just really appreciate what they have now a lot more and they have grown as people, they have seen a little bit more of the world and they understand that they are very fortunate and so it actually resulted in better achievement in our school, they want to work harder because they realize that they have opportunities that a lot of kids don’t have to complete school so we just see a lot of maturity and a lot of growth in our students.”


Jacqueline Vandermeer – Guidance Counsellor

“It’s also given them a sense of having them to be aware of social issues and what is going on in the world and different parts of the world that they may never see but just an understanding that there is a bigger world out there than what they see every day. We are giving something when we come here but I think we get a lot from the Belizean people.”


And it’s a service that is much appreciated by the beneficiaries.


Victoria Carrillo – Principal

“Without them then this project would have been postponed for a long time because this is a challenge for Trinidad overtaking projects like this would have a challenge but this has come a dream comes true for Trinidad.”


The school also visits educational institutions in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica under their program.

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