jermeyOn April 21st Yi Gen Store located on Zericote Street in the Louisiana Area was robbed at gunpoint by two individuals. The men busted into the store with a pistol. One of the robbers pointed a gun at the proprietors wife Jin Huan Wu and demanded money. Seeing that, her husband Yi Gen Wu decided to take matters into his own hands and fired at the assailants.

They fired back, and in the exchange two of the robbers were injured along with a female customer and her son who happened to be at the store at the time of the incident.

While one of the alleged robbers managed to escape from Police the other was apprehended. He was identified as Miguel Medina who had received a wound to his knee. Investigations revealed that his partner in crime was one Jeremy Rhaburn who visited the KHMH a day after the incident to receive treatment for his injury to the right foot and chest.

Miguel Medina was brought to Court last month where he was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery with a firearm, and for both charges he was remanded to prison until the 7th of June.

Today, after almost two months of receiving treatment for his injuries Jeremy Rhaburn was brought to Court. He is still recovering from his injuries and as you can see he had to be assisted into the courtroom by two other prisoners.

Jeremy Rhaburn is being charged with two counts of keeping ammunition without a license and keeping an unlicensed firearm. Jeremy Rhaburn pled not guilty for all three charges. Rhaburn also took the opportunity to inform the Magistrate that although there is no bail offered for the charges, he wanted to ask for an exception as he claims to be in need of surgery for his injuries.

Magistrate Linden Flowers advised him to get an attorney and apply for bail through the Supreme Court. Rhaburn was remanded until the 28th of July.

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