Screen_Shot_2014-01-30_at_7.36.42_PMFor weeks we have been reporting on the negative impact of rains to the production of local scale onions for the country. And while the country has faced its share of losses in that agricultural sector, the importation of onions from neighboring Mexico was supplying the local marketing the meantime.

And with a halt on imports and exports from neighboring Mexico, today when Reporter Victor Castillo visited the border he came across a container full of onions with markings of its destination into Belize to recipient BMDC, which stands for the Belize Marketing and development Corporation.


This container was one of several trucks that have been unable to cross the Mexican border due to the Broker Agency license being suspended since Friday of last week.

And with tomorrow marking a full week that trucks have not been able to get clearance for their products to be imported into Belize, in this case, the perishable items are becoming rancid. Our attempts to get an estimated value for the products from Directors at the BMDC were unsuccessful as we were told that Mr. Silverio Marin was not in office today. What will become of the thousands of pounds of onions that remain stagnant at the Subteniente Lopez is anyone’s guess.


We will be following this story on our newscast tomorrow where we were informed that Marin would be in office and is the one with the answers to our questions.

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