Screen_Shot_2014-01-30_at_7.37.05_PMThe Orange Walk Town Council is carrying out all necessary procedures to regain control of the Guadalupe Park in Orange Walk East. The Park was this Monday handed over to government from private hands but the idea is to place it under the National Sports Council. Mayor Kevin Bernard says that they are going to pursue jurisdiction of the park since the family members of the donor, Angel Castillo have requested the park remain for the public. Today the Council began cleaning the area. Mayor Kevin Bernard elaborates on the reasons for starting work despite not having full control of the park as yet.


Kevin Bernard – Mayor or Orange Walk Town

“To show our commitment and our seriousness in ensuring that the Guadalupe Park remains in the hands of the people of Orange Walk and we decided to start immediately in the cleaning up of that area and show them that we will start with those types of work, this is an on-going process and we have put it as part of our maintenance plan and we want to ask the support of residence of that area.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter

“I have to ask it was two year more or less and nobody knew that until recently this was privatize but it was basically a park that was abandoned, then why take the initiative now until it came to light to actually start working on this areas as a council?”


Kevin Bernard – Mayor or Orange Walk Town


“Like I have said in previous interviews, it was always an iffy question as to who really owns that area we did not had any documentation as per say as the council but when this whole thing came out it started to reveal itself. I know Guadalupe Park has been abandoned like you say for many years not just for the past two years but the residence and the family who gave that land to the municipality are saying that they want that area to be maintain and to remain in the hands of the people of Orange Walk and so what we are saying as a council if that is what the people of Orange Walk so desire hen hat is what we are going to give them.”

Bernard says they are also looking forward to do some development at the park once they attain control of the parcel.

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