Screen_Shot_2014-01-30_at_7.37.37_PMIt was an event that brought together worshipers of different denominations under one roof, or in this case, one tent. We are talking about the inauguration and blessing of the first ever, chapel at the Northern Regional Hospital in the Orange Walk District. It was a project that took several years to complete but it has finally become a reality for all those who were involved in the initiative from the start. Here is a look at what was a special moment for many.


Dalila Ical – Reporting


The Serenity Chapel of Faith and Hope is the first of its kind at the Northern Regional Hospital and it is a project that has filled the hearts of many with joy.


The idea for the chapel was born from former nurse at the NRH, Ofelia Novelo founder of the MujeresAyudando a Mujeres a Superarse group in Orange Walk Town.


North Regional Health Manager Guadalupe Longsworth says After Mrs.Novelo pointed out the need for the chapel; everything soon started to fall into place as shortly officials from Scotia Bank Limited approached them in search of a project to finance.


Today, that dream has become reality. The doors of the Serenity Chapel of Faith and Hope were opened for the first time.


GuadaulpeLongsworth – North Regional Health Manager

“First of all it is an accomplishment of one of our goals. We realize that we needed the spiritual part when we are doing healings and so it was missing from Northern Regional, so as a team we decided that this is one of the goals that we needed to accomplish, so when we got in partnership with Scotia Bank and they offered generously to do it for us we were really, really grateful and it is actually fulfilling the need of our customers because the family comes and they have nowhere to go close by to pray, remember we serve the north and they come from all over the district and then we offering that little of heaven in the times of mourning.”


The actual work towards the chapel began in 2010, when the staff at Scotia Bank decided it was the best project to undertake in the community. Elsie Benavides was the branch manager back then.


Elsie Benavides – Manager, Belize City Branch

“It took us two years and a half to raise funds to get the necessary amount to build a Chapel as this one and the community will know that from time to time or constantly we were raffling and selling until we could have gotten the amount enough to build the Chapel so I would like to thank the community of Orange Walk and all those who supported us in this initiative because without the support of the community in buying our raffles and so we would be able to achieve this.”


Benavides says the significance attached to this project makes this one of the most fulfilling yet.


Elsie Benavides – Manager, Belize City Branch

“This is part of what we do at Scotia Bank, give back to the community.”


Ministers and priests of several denominations whispered blessings for the chapel as they congregated in front of the building in prayer.


The chapel is considered a universal chapel and designed to fulfil the spiritual needs of the patients and visitors of the Northern Regional Hospital.

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