The General Elections are three years away but with both major political parties already setting the stage by holding conventions to elect their Standard Bearers it would seem that elections are not that far. Over the weekend the ruling party held convention in the Orange Walk East Constituency where two candidates, who already have a political back ground, threw in their hat in the political ring. Backed up by his father, former Minister Elodio Aragon, Elodio Aragon Junior, Former Deputy Police Commissioner went head to head against former UDP Town Councilor and teacher David Constanza. It was in deed a tight race that at the end even prompted allegations that the winner bought over the election. Our news team was there to capture the highlights and filed the following report.

Screen_Shot_2014-02-03_at_8.01.31_PMMaria Novelo – Reporting

Flamboyant Street in Orange Walk Town was closed off to a sea of red shirts and populated with tents - it looked like a political festival had come to town. But inside on Zericote Street, at the entrance to Louisiana Government School, it was intense and competitive despite it being a UDP Convention.

Former Deputy Police Commissioner, dubbed ‘Son of the East’ Elodio Aragon Junior went head to head against former UDP Town Councilor and six form teacher David Contanza who was looking to enhance his political carrier by contending the title of Standard Bearer for the Orange Walk East Constituency. Both candidates felt extremely confident in what would be a close race for the east.

Elodio Aragon Jr. – Candidate for UDP, Standard Bearer, OW East

“Right now I think  we are doing well, the people out here can see the difference and definitely come at the end of the counting of today we will know exactly that Mr. Elodio Aragon will be victorious.”

David Constanza– Candidate for UDP, Standard Bearer, OW East

“I’m very confident in the morning not too many people came out but seeing that more and more people are coming out, am encouraged by that since the majorities believe that that is my win there.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Now obviously a lot of people are supporting you, what is it that is your comparative advantage over Mr. Aragon?”


David Constanza– Candidate for UDP, Standard Bearer, OW East

“Well, I believe that I have no record that no one can look back and see well David did this, or David did that, I have a clean record and I believe that the people out there know who is the most honest person to elect and who they can trust the people with equality and justice.”

Dense signage blanketed the area as each candidate had a larger than life billboard and even tents were stamped with their images. Candidates courted and shook hands to get in some last minute press fleshing with supporters. From what we saw, it was one of the biggest voter turnouts in the history of that constituency. We asked both candidates about their viability for that area.

Maria Novelo - Reporter

“That said what your vision for this area is?”

David Constanza– Candidate for UDP, Standard Bearer, OW East

“Unity, I expect to unite the area foremost as a people red and blue unite the areas so we can move forward in prosperity.”


Maria Novelo - Reporter

“What would be your vision for this area?”

Elodio Aragon Jr.– Candidate for UDP, Standard Bearer, OW East

“The vision for the East has to be a great vision because it can’t be anything small because the East is a big areas and we need people with great ideas and people with great vision and definitely we have to look at many areas that we have to look on; one is in infrastructure when we look at the road conditions, we have to look at sporting facilities for our areas, looking for programs of our youths and we have to look at the needs of our people in this areas and every areas ha it won priorities and definitely we will work on those whether it be lighting conditions, whether it be drainage systems, whatever we need to do we will get it done.”

And a few high profile personalities were in attendance including, Belize City Mayor Darryl Bradley, City Councilor Dion Leslie, and Minister John Saldivar who showed unyielding support for Aragon; who after the vote count, emerged as the UDP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk East. 


A total of 2384 votes were casted, 1327 in favor of elected Standard Bearer Elodio Aragon Jr. and 1033 for David Constanza, a difference in votes of 294. It is of note that 24 ballot were spoilt votes. Aragon will face off with the now P.U.P Area Representative for Orange Walk East Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez in the upcoming General Elections.

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