no-photoThe People’s United Party Orange Walk East Executive Committee today issued a lengthy release on a resolution to support the Town Council’s lease application to the Ministry of Natural resources for the acquisition of parcels 2215, 2218 and 2219 for the Community Park and playground under the municipal jurisdiction meaning the East Sports Center and Guadalupe Park.


On the night of January 28th, the East Executive body met to discuss the motion and unanimously voted in favor of four points which include: For parcel 2215 to be used as originally planned for the designated Guadalupe Park, 2. For parcels 2218 and 2219 to be obtained and used as sports playground, 3. That community parks and playgrounds be the jurisdiction and responsibility of the Orang Walk Town Council and 4. That the Orange Walk East Executive Committee supports the notion that the Town Council is best fit to operate at a local level for development as per their mandate.


The release stems from the much controversial situation that the east experienced a few days ago when it was discovered that the land designated for Guadalupe Park was given out to Elodio Aragon who then transferred the title of the land to his son Adin Aragon. The land was to be used allegedly for a parking lot. In a twist of events the Aragon’s decided to reverse back the land to Government after much public outcry, after all, the sticky situation was doing no good to the political career of Elodio Aragon Jr. who was aspiring to become the UDP’s Standard Bearer for the East at the time. And after all the noise, the Lands Department indicated that they would be taking in applications for the parcel of land which the Argon’s want to be handed over the National Sports Council. But the Orange Walk Town Council also has its eyes on the land; after all, it was donated to the Town Council back in 1975 by Mr. Angel Castillo. In sight of this, the council decided to apply for the land.


The application though was denied when dropped off at the Orange Walk Lands Department. Bearing this in mind the   The Orange Walk East PUP Executive Committee urges the Ministry of Natural resources to approve the Council’s lease application. We’ll see how that plays out.

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