Screen_Shot_2014-02-05_at_8.20.48_PMThe sitting of the House of Representatives today saw the second and third readings into an number of bills including the Stake Bank Cruise Docking Facility Development Bill, the Companies amendment bill, the Money Laundering and Terrorism prevention amendment bill to name a few. That part of the morning flowed with relative ease, but tensions ran high, quickly shortly after the Prime Minister called for an adjournment of the sitting.

Sparks started flying shortly after the Orange Walk South Area Representative Abelardo Mai stood and spoke on corruption within the Lands Department. There was mention of more land grabbing in Orange Walk East and what we can tell you is that this time the land where the former East Polyclinic is located is in question as reports are that it is in the process of being awarded to a UDP stalwart working at the Lands Department in Corozal. We will have more on that story in our subsequent newscast.

But Mia’s accusations were met with immediate rebuttal from Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega who also pointed out at least two cases of land grabbing by the PUP before leaving office in 2008. Again we will visit that part of the Deputy Prime Minister’s speech in tomorrow’s newscast. Tonight, however we take a look at a turn of events in which members of the House became engaged in a rather fiery back and forth, airing out one another’s dirty laundry. Here is an uncut look at what transpired.


Gaspar Vega – Minister of Natural Resources

“Uno di talk bout wah lee piece a park a little piece of land that was registered and I want to correct the Representative from Orange Walk South, that land was an acquisition form government, get your stats before you come here and lie to the public, yes you are lying or you are ignorant one out of the two, that land was acquired by the government and was registered to GOB and it is till or was registered under GOB as a lot.  The two parcels of land that was registered as the East Sport’s Centre was registered in the map as East Sport Centre and that has never been changed from  1999 when the Honourable Johnny Briceno, cancelled, cancelled, you cancelled the lease, from that organization, it was cancelled.  They didn’t know about it, they thought that the organization had the lease but we have the stats and other thing Mr. speaker, who is the representative from Orange Walk South to talk about, look ya buay, mek I tell you.  You are the one that was caught red handed contra banding beer, you are the one, and you are the one that your own party members were upset. Mr. Speaker I just wanted to remind the honourable member of Orange Walk South that it had not been for the Prime Minister he would have been arrested for those beers, they would have arrested him.”

Honourable John Briceno- Orange Walk Central Are Rep.

“I have never spoken about it publicly he asked me for help and I helped him but he was caught with a whole container load of contraband in 1998, he asked me for help, Mr. Speaker and I helped him so he doesn’t get into trouble, man stop pointing finger like that man, I have never spoken about it Mr. speaker, I have been very quiet about it but make it stop it man.”

As we mentioned, we will be looking further into the accusations made by both sides in the House of public land grabbing in our next newscast.

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