Screen_Shot_2014-02-05_at_8.21.40_PMWhile the fireworks at the House of Representatives did not go off until nearly the end of the sitting, here in the north, specifically Orange Walk, the first flayer went up around 10:00 this morning when David Israel Constanza announced that he was resigning from the United Democratic Party. Now, this is the same David Constanza that was campaigning under the UDP ticket just a few days ago for the convention in Orange Walk East for Standard Bearer of the party. The same David Constanza, that ran, and lost against former Assistant Commissioner of Police Elodio Aragon Jr.

If you are a voter of Orange Walk East then you might already know that the convention was dressed up in allegations of corruption as the Aragon camp was accused of buying the election. The convention was spoken about widely in the social media with David Constanza being placed as the man who went up against a party and not a contender.

During the convention it was more than obvious that Aragon Junior had the support of the big wigs of the UDP, including Mayor Darrel Bradley, and Minister John Saldivar. Constanza on the other hand stood all alone with only the support of his followers.

And apparently this was not to his liking and he made it known today when he announced via his facebook page that he resigned from the United Democratic Party on Monday. In his message Constanza thanks his supporters and then states and we quote “When I sent my application to contest the O.W. East division, I did so not because I liked politics but because I simply wanted to serve. I ran under the UDP, not because I approved of the party but because I knew it needed change.


As I visited homes after work each day, I campaigned as an independent, God-fearing, patriotic Belizean who believed that it was time to unite as a people and place good moral values and patriotism above political partisanship, greed and divide. On Sunday, I did not go up against a candidate but against an institution many, many times more powerful than what I stood for. It is because of what I represent and because of the injustice and corruption that my supporters witnessed on Sunday that I would like to state publicly that I have, since Monday, resigned from the United Democratic Party. To all my supporters: we could not accomplish the change that we sought but at least we gave it a good try. Thank you again for your unconditional support.” end of quote.

And while Constanza was bested by Elodio Aragon Junior as elected Standard Bearer for Orange Walk East, Constanza ended his message by stating that he will not jump ship to the arms of the PUP and that his decision to resign is final and has no price.


While we did approach Constanza for an interview it was declined in a very diplomatic manner. Our attempts to get in contact with the Chairman of the UDP, Alberto August, proved futile. What we can tell you though is that this afternoon while being interviewed by the media after the sitting of the House the Prime Minister alluded to problems within his party including Orange Walk East. He though, did not go into details as it pertains to the East.

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