davidNow, this begs the question, what effects will Constanza’s resignation from the UDP have on Elodio Aragon Junior and the party itself come General Elections? Guess we’ll find out for sure when the Prime Minister calls elections. What we can tell you though is that one should bear in mind that Constanza only lost to Aragon by 294 votes.  A total of 2384 votes were casted, 1327 in favor of Aragon Jr. and 1033 in favor of Constanza.

Now, while political pundits say the convention on Sunday saw one of the largest turnouts in Orange Walk East, our records show different. In 2010 when the UDP convention for Standard Bearer for Orange Walk East was held there was a larger turnout.


At that time, the convention was contested by Orlando Landy Burns, Marcel Cardona and Denny Grijalva. Two thousand eight hundred and twenty votes were casted out of which Cardona received 621, Grijlva 797 and Burns 1377 more than what Aragon Junior received in Sunday’s convention. For comparison, if we take a look back at the 2012 General Elections when Orlando Landy Burns went head to head against Doctor Marco Tulio Mendez for the seat in Orange Walk East, Landy Burns garnered more support than Aragon actually did for the convention as he received 2496 votes while Mendez received 2761.  

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