Its official - there will be no game played on Sunday in Belmopan because the Football Federation of Belize has been suspended by FIFA. The FFB received the news this morning through a correspondence where FIFA informed them that due to Governments interference they were being suspended.

CTV3 News understands that FIFAs decision came after the Minister of Sports John Saldivar publicly announced that FFB will be denied Police security for Sundays game. The Minister also made it his business to write to FIFA and inform them about the decision made. After convening its Emergency Committee, FIFA decided on the suspension.

This morning the Belizean National Team was informed about FIFAs decision as they came off their flight from Trinidad. The news, says Senior Vice President of the FFB Bernaldino Pech, was heartbreaking and its hard to understand how Government could go to such an extent to hurt the Belizean people.

pechBernaldino Pech - FFB Sr. Vice President

“It is a feeling of frustration it is a feeling of anger it really broke my heart to see the state of our players this morning as they are disembarking from their flight all happy and proud to be Belizeans and then I broke the news to then they had that sudden emotional change that came about them. I am sure that it is not just them it is also among the general Belizean public, the Belizean fans who wanted something positive to hear about we have so many negative going on in this country that we have these young men who gave it their all in Trinidad. As the team Captain Shane Moody said at the press conference you know to have the government take away from these men their aspirations, their dreams to become professional football players not only in Central America but even beyond you know aspiring to bigger things and now this is being taken away from them it is being taken away from our U 16 National Team where we have four players from Orange Walk who will no longer be able to represent us, to have an individual like our assistant referee Mr. Ricardo Ake who is currently in Mexico where he would have been officiating in the FIFA U 17 World Cup and to have that taken away from him. It is dreams and aspirations not only fir players but for many other sectors.

Pech says the FFB will not go down without a fight and will take legal action in order for them to be recognized as the official football federation of Belize and to stop governments interference.

Bernaldino Pech- FFB Sr. Vice President

“Well at this state FIFA is quite clear Government needs to stop there meddling and interference in the Football Federation of Belize and that is it. There is government interference with all the things that they have been doing in the last couple of months and that needs to stop. We are also pursuing our legal options and as we speak we should be appearing at the Supreme Court to have the court rule that we are a recognized sporting organisation for the country and we are quite positive and sure that we will be successful there and then we will have to see what happens with the government of Belize. What is incomprehensible is that we have the state, the government that is supposed to be taking care of the people they are suppose to be encouraging its people, its citizens to aspire for bigger things you know and it is incomprehensible to see that instead they are doing the opposite.”

CTV3 News understands that the FFB has retained the legal services of Attorney Doctor Elson Kaseke.

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#1 chuckie 2011-06-20 12:28
This move is about taking down the football dictator, Dirtie Chimilio. In war there are always a few casualties but it is for the greated good of all. Our footballers and the future footballer will have a lot more to gain with this present FFB gone. Keep up the good fight Mr. Saldivar. Both blue and red are behind you on this one.

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