Screen_Shot_2014-02-06_at_8.28.52_PMIn the month of January of this year the Corozal Town Council came under scrutiny after allegations surfaced that a whopping $80,000.00 was misappropriated from the tax revenue department. At that time Mayor Hilbert Campos revealed that the Revenue Manager had been relief of his duties.


It was also reported that two other persons also from the tax department of the town council were being investigated. We must note though, that Mayor Campos never agreed that $80,000 was missing as was rumored. He stated that the missing fund was not even close to the figure rumored and that an investigation would be carried out into the matter.

Tonight we can safely tell you that an investigation is ongoing at the council. Sources tell us that officials from local government are currently conducting a complete audit to the books of the council. Today Reporter Victor Castillo decided to take another glimpse in the issue and tried to get in contacted with the Town Administrator for an update but he was told that the administrator is in an all-day meeting.

We are told though, that the auditing team is yet to complete its investigation and will be at the council for the next week or two. We will keep following the story closely and bring you the updates as they become available.

Of note is that back in January, when we contacted the former Revenue Manager about the accusations made against him he told us that he was not fired from the council, instead he resigned voluntarily to further his studies.

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