In our last interview with Orange Walk Town Mayor Phillip de la Fuente, we asked him to verify rumours that he had been asked to step down as Mayor to make way for somebody more politically easy to mold, so to speak. The name we were hearing back then as a replacement was Denny Grijalva, a UDP political aspirant who recently failed in his quest to become standard bearer in the Orange Walk East division. This was de la Fuentes response to our question just about a month ago.

phillipPhillip de la Fuente – Mayor

“I still will be contesting the upcoming Municipal Elections and I have not been asked to step down by anyone so it is not a trick question as far as I know no one else has applied for the Mayorship in the upcoming Municipal Elections.” 

But sources tell us that the Mayor may be singing a different tune now. Reports are that de la Fuente held an internal meeting with high level Council staff yesterday and informed them that he has in fact decided not to contest upcoming municipal elections. According to our source, de la Fuente is disassociating himself from the mess that the Council is in financially, claiming that the revelations coming out now are things he knew nothing about. We are told that the blame for the bankruptcy of the Council is being laid squarely in the lap of the Administrator Andre Moguel.

Well have more on this story next week.

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