sanchezOn Sunday morning Orange Walk Police found the body of 52 year old Maria Elena Baeza lying face down on a feeder road just off the Yo Creek Road. Observations report that she had chop wounds on her head, face and back.

According to her brother he went to check on her earlier on Sunday, he reports that he called out her name but there was no answer. He says however that there was a bicycle on the pan of her pickup truck.

Baeza was in a critical condition and told her family that she was at home when he Heard her brother calling out her name but at the same very momento the individual was threatening to take away her life with a knife to her throat. From there she reports she was taken to the place where she was chopped and left for dead.

Following pólice investigations Orange Walk Police are looking for Orlando Sanchez for questioning. The family has however taken a stand to make sure that Orlando Sanchez is handed over to the pólice. Today the family has started to circulate this picture of Orlando Sanchez, and are asking anyone who knows of his whereabout to call the nearest pólice. As to the polcie department they are still looking for Sanchez following all leads.

Reports are that Sanchez is believed to be somewhere over the Mexican side.

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#3 Storm 2011-06-21 04:36
+1 #2 Trudy 2011-06-21 00:17
Yes he is from San Lazaro and if people are criticizing the media for giving out the name of someone they say is innocent then maybe he should stop hiding go to court and prove his innocence. He is the one making it harder on himself so he should just give in and stop making his family try so hard to defend him by staining the name of the victim with gossip!
#1 unknown 2011-06-19 07:33
olando sanchez is not from Yo creek as i have been reading in the web. he is from San Lazaro Village. i believe he is the youngest of a family of 5. :sad:

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