bagasseYesterday the negotiating team of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association met with Representatives of BSI to begin the discussions surrounding the revenue sharing on bagasse. We spoke with Alfredo Ortega Who Told us more about the meeting.

Alfredo Ortega-Vice Chairman, BSCFA, COM  

"It was a presentation from us as regards to our proposal for bagasse in which they were given another copy relating to the changes in our proposal. They are going to now review it and will give us a counter proposal. We will then meet within the next three weeks to continue negotiating."


Dalila Ical - Reporter

"The points presented to them are the same again?"

Alfredo Ortega-Vice Chairman, BSCFA, COM 

"There are some points as I noted earlier that when we began negotiations in the month of June we mutually agreed and some which we did'nt so yesterday we resumed discussions on those we agreed on some and some are still left for discussion and for review. This will be done by both lawyers of BSCFA and BSI. We all need to understand before we enter an agreement."

Dalila Ical - Reporter

"How was the atmosphere among negotiators yesterday?"

Alfredo Ortega, Vice Chariman, BSCFA, COM  

"Well yesterday was quite friendly, very respectful, and somewhat both parties were understanding of of each otehr . But I have to say that right now is only the beginning and we are seeing things in good faith. We are doing this to benifit both caneros and the industry."

The Negotiations are to continue in September three weeks Within the next. Ortega says They are hoping the discussions run smoothly and the eleven Negotiations are held with regard to the farmers there is no need to interrupt the current crop.

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