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After farmers faced one of the largest onion--losses in production due to bad weather conditions last year, major defenses and methods are being put in place in order to protect This Year's production. Reporter Victor Castillo Travelled to the village of Xaibe with OFFICIALS from the Ministry of Agriculture in Corozal today to find out what methods are and filed Those Following the report.

-02-14_at_7.59.22_PM Screen_Shot_2014Victor Castillo - Reporting

Over 840 plants of onions are spread out on this 7 acre lot at the end of this harvest Which Should generate an approximate 280,000 pounds of onion. Demetrio Cano, who has dedicated more than 13 years into the production of onion, is the owner of this plantation. I is one of the many farmers who took a great hit when yo have almost lost his crop due to Entire inclement weather conditions the past.

But today a new dawn has Settled and Cano is once again setting up shop for production as his farm is being used as a module to educate other farmers on how to double Their production.

Demetrio Cano - Onion Farmer

"That Showed fertilizer Sergio there and we're pulling right now why is raising the onion and when to we started working at the beginning was the other and it Seems to not work very well and right now we are using that's Ferti-Reigo That the Most will give pretty good and is giving production and we are seeing if we go ahead With This fertilizer. "

Barry Palace - Ministry of Agriculture

"What we're doing is bringing farmers Little Belize to watch the fertigation system is being applied here In this estate of Canos Applying fertilizers are atra see the irrigation system and look there in the background as well as the plants look very healthy and watching here you will see a high performance and technology is what we are Promoting and we want all farmers of onions Because They have this technology. This is Complemented With Other Initiatives to Which We lift wineries and so like I said in other interviews That the goal is to see Satisfy how we produce to the local market and the still as percentage Have Not Reached the fifty percent of the production or domestic demand. "

Forming part of today's exercise was the method of irrigation water through pipes.

Belarmino Esquivel - Extension Director for the Ministry of Agriculture

"The direct benefit will be able That farmers to acquire direct information That is, Which is the information system is the irrigation system and the drip fertigation, this is a technology doubles That yields then what we are basically born today is bringing the Little Belize farmers Who Have Their experienced production or dare doing lot Obtained experiences low yields and are showing the technology in the field so That They Can adapt Such technology to Improve Their performance and end of the day what we want to Achieve from the ministry of agriculture is to transfer information, knowledge to other farmers who are disadvantages You have failed to yield, In this area we hope this program fertigation hope to get up 40,000 and if the culture we hold in This Way will get 40,000 pounds per acre in Little Belize are at 20,000, 15,000, 18,000 then we are showing here is the proper use of irrigation and fertigation fertilizer is the see through water hoses against. "

Here in Belize there are two ways of planting onion. The way it is being done here in Xaibe and the method used by farmers of Little Belize.

Belarmino Esquivel - Extension Director for the Ministry of Agriculture

"In Little Belize sown with a machine, a little machine and here Mr. opt for planting seedlings by hand and made the correct space here then there is a plant and the Space Between Between Between Two groove fitting inches and three inches Between rows then here have a plant density as 30000-40000 or would say a hundred and twenty thousand plants per acre and here are six acres, is divided into sections and each section has its fertilization program. "

Johan Redecop - Farmer Little Belize

"Your risk of them is a little different by the time They are other types of fertilizer Applying That we are not using, Because if you're using but it gets grainy so if what we saw with fertigation They are putting Also if it works and it's a good thing we learned here today and the farm is nice That you do not see much need is perfect. "

Victor Castillo - Reporter

"You Believe That if you have this system in Belize Little apply double Their production?"

Johan Redecop - Farmer Little Belize

"Yes, yes, if you can."

Victor Castillo - Reporter

"What are you Considering?"

Johan Redecop - Farmer Little Belize

"Of course, if you have to see as we prosper we must see That we make haiga pair production to double."

Victor Castillo - Reporter

"Right now You have planted few onions?"

Johan Redecop - Farmer Little Belize

"At the moment I know info we have ten acres planted last but not have Scored."

Victor Castillo - Reporter

"Of Those ten acres, the end of the harvest few pounds?"

Johan Redecop - Farmer Little Belize

"As long as we hit the rain, no one knows yet exactly And This year we have a very thick onion we got away for it is not thick but Perhaps reap from twenty to fifty pounds per acre planted and the last who will harvest more from 20,000 to 50,000 pounds per acre. "

Of note Is that national demand of onion stands at over 90,000 pounds weekly.  OFFICIALS This coming Thursday from the Ministry of Agriculture will be traveling to Little Belize to inspect the onion fields and learn more about the techniques used by the Mennonite community for onion farming.

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