st_petersLast week we did a story on an extraordinary young man from Orange Walk Town, Sidney Rhaburn. He had been selected as part of the Special Olympics football team which would travel to Greece to represent Belize in the World Games. Well, the big day is almost here, and last night the entire team was at St. Peters School for a get together with parents and friends before heading out early this morning. To say that everyone was excited would be an understatement.

Christen Eure Peace Corps Volunteer

“Tomorrow our team Belize heads to Greece, to Athens to represent Belize in the world games for Special Olympics. So it is a big day, the boys are taking a long trip to Cancun and they fly out tomorrow evening.”

The delegation will include 8 players and three coaches. Five of the players are from Punta Gorda, one from Stann Creek, one from Orange Walk and one from Corozal. They have all been preparing for this special day for a long time.

Christen Eure Peace Corps Volunteer

“They’ve been preparing for the last year, they’ve been learning a little bit of Greek and been practicing everyday if possible and they come together as a team at least once a month for the last year. We’ve been down in PG or Belmopan; sometimes we go to Belize City, so that the whole team can come together. The boys are from throughout the country not just one area or the other the whole country is represented in this team.”

Raymond Sanchez Coach

“We had a program started like three years ago and we had roughly about two hundred and fifty kids started the program and we came down to the final date, early this year we selected the players in Belmopan during a national training, we selected eight best players we had.”

coachezCharles Gutierrez Coach

“We are going to intend to go to the goal and thanks for the support, the support from the entire country of Belize for making this successful, likewise the parents of the kids who send them on weekend training and on other different training programs we have. Thanks to the whole country of Belize and we will represent Belize well.”

Just representing Belize in the World Games in Greece is a huge accomplishment for these talented young men, and it is safe to say that the nation will be rooting for them.

Christen Eure Peace Corps Volunteer

“This is the first president, so the team is never, we’ve never had a football team in the world games before, this is the first time so we are hoping for a medal but we are really just proud of our boys for getting there and for representing Belize in the world games so even if they don’t come back with a medal we are still very proud of them.”

Here at CTV-3 well be waiting anxiously to hear good news from Greece.

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