drug_plane3News spread like wildfire on Sunday morning- a mysterious plane had landed in Orange Walk Town somewhere in the Guinea Grass Area. Residents of the village claim they heard a plane hovering in the area around 11:00 Saturday night. CTV3 News understands police were alerted but investigations were futile since no plane was found. But a plane did land in Orange Walk Town sometime between Saturday night and the wee hours of Sunday morning. The abandoned aircraft was found around 5:30 Sunday morning a few miles off the Guinea Grass Road in an area known as Goat Hill where the Belize Sugar Industries Limited has its cane fields. So was it another drug plane that landed in the north? Thats what we tried to find out when we arrived at the scene yesterday.

Carmelita Perez- Reporting

When we arrived at the scene yesterday, members of the Belize Defense Force armed with high caliber weapons were guarding the plane. The Piper P.A Twin Engine was found by BSI workers around 5:30 yesterday morning as they were headed out to the cane fields.

Apart from a serial number, the letters XB-XDF marked on the tail and a Mexican flag imprinted on both sides of the plane, unconfirmed reports to CTV3 News are that documents of the plane being registered to one Joel Romero Suarez and reveling the pilots name as one Julio Ismael Salazar, along with a number of maps was found inside the aircraft. While no drugs were found inside the plane police did find three 40 caliber rounds hidden inside the pilot’s seat.

From what we could have observed the plains rear wheel and tail was damaged which is the reason why police believe the plane could not make it back in the air.

drug_plane2It is suspected that due to the bad condition of the road the aircrafts pilot lost control as he tried to land the plane on the middle of the road. Marks left behind show that as the driver lost control, the plane found its way to the side of the road and after traveling a few yards it came to a halt. The planes fuel tank was found opened and indications are that the pilot escaped from the plane through the emergency exit.

As we mentioned no drugs were found in the plane or anywhere in the area and the pilot was long gone before B.D.F arrived at the scene. Based on the imprinted Mexican flags it is highly suspected that instead of making a drop the plane was here to pick up a drug cargo. CTVE News understands that while no one was found in the area police did find six 20 gallons of aviation fuel and a number of food items including empty cans of chicken sausage approximately 2 miles from where the plane landed.

CTV3 News understands that the Police Coordination Centre for Intelligence and the Anti Drug Unit along with their Mexican Counterparts have launched an intensive investigation into the matter.

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