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The students at Bishop Martin High School were out of class today and quite engaged in entertaining and above all educating the public and other visiting students about various topics including business and culture. This was because they held their annual business exposition at the high school grounds and we stopped by to see what they had prepared for the public this year.


Screen_Shot_2014-02-14_at_7.59.50_PMDalila Ical – Reporting


It was a sea of red today as students, parents and teachers in several schools dressed for the occasion – Valentine’s Day. But for these students at Bishop Martin High School there was additional reason to dress up and more people to impress as they hosted young and old at their annual business fair.


The event is held to showcase the business ideas and entrepreneurial skills of the junior and senior students currently majoring in business at the institution. Many groups were making big and small scale sales of candy, food and beverage. Yahira Campos and her team were serving up some Hawaiian Ice.


Dalila Ical –Reporter

“How has business going so far?”

Yahira Campos

“It’s good, very good right now, people like and a lot of them are coming for round two.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“So what is this Hawaiian about, I see you guys have lime and I see you have pineapple, Tambrands what is the mix about?”

Yahira Campos

“We have Hawaiian pineapple, Hawaiian Tambrands and Hawaiian mix together. This is our second experience.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“So how has it been going?”

Yahira Campos

“Well, not that easy but we are going there.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“You are hoping to make a profit today?”

Yahira Campos

“Yes, and I know I will do that.”

One of the organizers of the event is Rozel Arana who was particularly in charge of organizing the sophomores and freshmen to take part in the fair.

Rozel Arana – Oganizer

“All in all it is for them to learn that creating a business it just not just happen just like that you need to plan, you need to organize, you need to market you need to do all these things and at the end of the day you need to know what you want that what you want to sell, what you want to produce and what you want your potential consumers to purchase.”

While students in first and second forms are not majoring in any subject, they showcased Belize’s cultures.


Rozel Arana – Oganizer

“The Garifuna, the Mennonite, they are all here dress to impress I their cultural outfits and at the same time entertaining the public at large, entertaining the ones who are buying the different products that we have available and then having fun at the same time.”

CasandraCanche and her group did their homework on the Mennonite community and found a few things they liked about the culture.




“They make their own food and they resell it for us, for the Belizeans and then they make their own food for them.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter

“What was the most interesting part of this project for you?”


“Well, I would say getting the information about their history, it is very interesting and I think we have been learning a lot from them.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Is there is something that you personally would adopt in your lifestyle from this one culture that you learn about?”


Elia Romero

“Well, I guess to try and have my own food”


But one group’s presentation jumped out of the norm as Ian Cawich and his team shared what they learned about modern American culture.


Ian Cawich - Modern American Culture

“After the 1920’s fashion started to change, music, technology started to evolve and everything as you can see here there are some modern American food which are eaten today because as you know a lot of people in the States are really, really busy and they don’t have time to cook personal meals like right here in Belize.  I really don’t know the answer to that because everybody has their own taste, some people might want to go and escape nature for the big city but others might want to stay close to nature instead of the big city where they and get closer to technology and to know how far the world has come to from what it was in the past century.”

Arana says the experience for all students has been good as the feedback has been positive.


Rozel Arana

“Some of them are excited because they are making money you know but at the end of the day they will have to decide you know what, what were our expenses because they had to prepare an expense sheet and then from there they will find out exactly how much is their profit.”

As part of the day’s event, groups portraying the different cultures held presentations for their visiting audience to enjoy. The students were judged on their presentations and as for the business students some of their presentations were also graded.

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