Screen_Shot_2014-02-17_at_9.36.13_PMIn an update to the border issue we reported on a few weeks ago whereby cargo trucks were unable to make it across the Mexican Border due to the suspension of license for the only broker agency “Servicios Aduaneros Integrados, reports tonight are that things are not running rather smoothly. While on February 4th the mobilization of cargo trucks renewed with the opening of a new Aduanal agency, ADJ “Alfonso Bello Juarez” with patente 3950, we understand that the process has been too slow.


And truck drivers are become impatient.  Today our Corozal news room was flooded with calls, reporting that the process at the new agency had stopped and that truckers wouldn’t be able to come across once more. Reporter Victor Castillo looked into the matter and was informed by officials at the ADJ that the services have not stopped. What’s happening though is that the system is moving a bit slow which is causing the delay for several containers to enter the country.

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