Screen_Shot_2014-02-18_at_7.57.34_PMOrange Walk Police are putting together the pieces of a puzzle to identify a male person whose decayed body was found approximately half a mile on Richman Hill Farm located on the Guinea Grass/Shipyard Road. With more questions than answers police are still trying to ascertain the cause of death and are looking at all angles. Before going into the story we advise our viewers that some images may not be suitable for our young audience and viewer discretion is advised. Reporter Maria Novelo and Video Journalist Jesus Melgar were first on the scene this morning and filed this report.


Maria Novelo – Reporting

Caretakers of a farm on the Guinea Grass/Shipyard Road made the discovery this morning around 8:00am and alerted the authorities. When we arrived at the location, we trekked about quarter mile into this vegetated acreage. The putrid scent permeated in the air and flying vultures overhead signaled the location as well. One of the property’s caretakers told us how the discovery was made.


“Encontré a un muerto”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Que estabas haciendo por acá?”


“Estaba acompañando a mi tío a buscar las vacas porque están diciendo que las están robando y yo solo vine a ver con ellos y ellos me avisaron que habían sopes acá y yo vine a chequear y lo encontré a las 7:59 pero no lo reconozco.”

Authorities accompanied by a forensics team rummaged around the area for clues and collected DNA and dental samples. And as the rumor mill churned about in town, there is nothing to validate that it could be the body of a person who was reported missing last week. But what we can tell you is that it is an angle that police are following. According to Inspector Julius Cantun, cops are now trying to piece together the identity of the human remains and the circumstances surrounding his death.

INSPECTOR JULIUS CANTUN – Deputy Commander, OW Police

“Yes indeed we have one person that was reported missing two weeks ago or there about and we have contacted the relative of this person.  We don’t want to jump into speculation at this moment in time but yes we are working with the relatives and at the end of the day we will know if this is the person or not, we cannot say with certainty that this person is or he is not.  The possibilities are endless from the caretaker to a hunter to some senior old man that may have gotten lost or any of the possibilities is a theory at this time so we do not have much information to indicate to us that it was a murder or it was just natural death so until we get the post mortem we will know.”

A post mortem will be conducted on the remains tomorrow on site. We’ll keep following this story.

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