busIn February when we interviewed Minister of Transport Melvin Hulse he told CTV3 News that apart from new bus routes and schedules for the north a new bus terminal was also in the plan. Hulse told CTV3 News that they were looking at the possibility of moving the Ministry of Works to the Village of San Juan and then utilizing the compound for the new bus terminal. On Saturday it was briefly announced that effective Sunday, buses would no longer pick up passengers by the market area - instead they would park by the new bus terminal located at the Ministry of Works compound. But the Ministers idea of a bus terminal is far from what Orange Walkenos and other commuters had in mind.

Carmelita Perez- Reporting

This is the Minister of Transport’s idea of a new bus terminal, a shed for commuters, two bathrooms and a whole lot of mud. When we visited the terminal this morning located at the Ministry of Works compound, passengers were waiting outside the terminal to catch their bus due to the muddy state of the compound.

The situation also impeded buses from entering the compound and as you can observe bus drivers needed to park outside the terminal in order for passengers to board. While the entrance for buses is located on Dunn Street, passengers access the terminal through Barbados Street, located behind the Ministry of Works.

Vendors were also moved from the market area and relocated to the new bus terminal. But we understand that all purchasing and selling must be done outside the terminal. With limited space available in the trafficable area, stalls for vendors are located on Dunn Street and all along Barbados Street.

bus3As you can observe stalls on Barbados Street are being built over a drain that runs in front of the terminal. Apparently the Minister of Transport did not take into consideration the health risks associated with selling food over an open drain.

When we contacted the Ministry of Transport this morning for comment we were told that the only person who could comment on the issue is Joel Nicholson and he was not in. When we called back in the afternoon no one answered the phone.

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