Screen_Shot_2014-02-19_at_8.18.52_PMVibes Alive International in collaboration with Charitable Roots Organization organized a tribute to Bob Marley concert which was held on February 8th at the East Sports Centre in Orange Walk Town.  Founder of Vibes Alive, Omar Ayuso said this was the third event being organized by the organization and serves as a fund raiser. Monies raised from the concert are handed to beneficiaries that are struggling with medical ailments. The funds raised in this year’s concert will be handed to fourteen year old Ruby Seleni Garcia, a young girl suffering from juvenile arthritis.


And while that donation is yet to be made, today Garcia received much needed assistance from Cuellos Distillery Limited which was also present at the function on February eight. The company set up a stall from where they served mixed drinks at a dollar per cup and all the money earned at the stall was today handed to Garcia for her medical expenses. A shy and thankful Garcia sat down and spoke with us for a moment after she received the donation.

Ruby Seleni Garcia

“I find it really hard, because when I want to study I can’t and because I am in rally with a lot of pain”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Now, a group of people came together and they worked hard to give you a helping hand, what is this gesture this moment to you?”

Ruby Seleni Garcia

“It means a lot because I want to get the education and for me to get a little bit better.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“What are some of your dreams?”

Ruby Seleni Garcia

“My dream is to become a banker and to help the children that are with disabilities. I will give thanks to everybody that helped me, thanks.”

The donation was to the tune of seven hundred fifty-five dollars. Azalia Torres, Accounts clerk at Cuellos Distillery, told us more about their reasons behind the charitable gesture.

Azalia Torres – Accounts clerk, Cuellos Distillery

“Cuellos is a company that is always helping the community and in the case of Ruby, what we like about her is that even though she has a disability she is still continuing her education, she doesn’t make her to stop and we promote education, we have been helping a lot of schools along with students who have difficulty financially or any other kind of difficulty for school and Ruby was quite unique being that she was disable but yet still pursuing that dream of getting an education.”

Torres says the company continues its work within the community in an effort to give back for its patronage throughout the years. Garcia is yet to receive the funds raised from the Bob Marley Tribute concert. We understand those donations will be handed over on Saturday. 

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