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Screen_Shot_2014-02-19_at_8.18.45_PMFive Central American beauties including a candidate from Belize hailing from Orange Walk are in Mexico tonight preparing to vie for the La Diosa Maya Internacional Pageant being hosted in Merida, Yucatan.

Beauty Ambassadors Miss Dalina Reyes who is representing the country as Miss Diosa Maya Belize 2014 travelled along with reigning Miss Diosa Maya Internacional Grisel Rosseli Carballo over the weekend.

Since the beginning of the week the women were slated for a series of appearances with the press and invited guests to the pageant. Yesterday, the candidates presented their national costume and viewers may recall that Belize also won this segment of the pageant last year. Today the candidates were judged in the swim suit segment which is only just being integrated into the pageant this year.


Tomorrow the women will travel to Merida where they will engage in interviews with the media. Belize’s 2014 candidate, nineteen year old Dalina Alyssa Reyes has had her experiences in pageantry at the primary and secondary school levels and this is her first time taking part in an international event. She is currently a student at Saint John’s College. She spoke with us before she left for the pageant.

Dalina Alyssa Reyes – Candidate

“It is nothing easy, the delegates of the other countries actually participate in international pageants so it is going to be a challenge to me but I am going with a positive attitude because I have the passion for the Mayan Culture so this pageant is not all about the beauty but the intelligence of the culture.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“What about the culture that attracts you the most that you feel the need to promote it and to keep alive?”

Dalina Alyssa Reyes – Candidate

“Not everyone is proud to be a Mayan and if we look at it very well the Mayans has done a lot, especially in Belize we have the most population of the Mayas in the country, we have Mayas in each district and we are the only country that has that and we should be proud of the Mayan culture because the Mayan left a lot of remains with their structure and so forth which brings a lot of money in Belize.”

Reyes says she was invited into the pageant by organizer Manuel Blanco. The pageant is slated to take place on February 21st, in Merida Yucatan. Outgoing queen Miss Griselle Carballo will also be making an appearance at the pageant and is currently accompanying the delegates throughout the week’s activities. She too spoke with us about her experience as the La Diosa Maya Internacional 2013/2014.

Griselle Carballo

“It has taught me most of all to know that there are people out that want to rescue this Mayan culture and I thank Mrs. Ivette Torres for giving me the opportunity and worked with me because this has made me realize that there is so much that we need to work on as the Culture Maya since it is slowly drifting away and what I want to do is to continue to working and my reign is coming to an end but for me in my life and my personal passion is to trying to save this culture, my job is just beginning.”

Carballo has been a part of many interviews promoting the culture and the pageant itself and it has brought her numerous opportunities. The biggest she says is having been offered to be the director of the pageant here in Belize, a challenge she says she has gladly accepted. As the outgoing queen, she had one message to all candidates, especially Belize’s delegate, Dalina Reyes.

Griselle Carballo

“My message if for her to keep on a positive outlook on everything and challenges do occur and do happen it is just that the nature of life.  What I want is not only for her but for every Belizean out there to know that nothing is limited and life is big and we must learn to dream but not only dream but to work hard in everything we do and that is what I want to encourage everyone to do and most importantly thank you for all your support, to my family and friends and to everyone who has been helping me because alone I couldn’t have done this.”

La Diosa Maya Internacional is an organization that seeks to promote the Mayan Culture through pageantry, which has been in existence over 15 years. Countries participating form part of the Mundo Maya countries such as Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico & Belize. Miss Grisel Carballo was the first Belizean to have ever won the Title & Crown of this pageant.


As both ladies make their rounds leading to the pageant on Friday, they are working towards bringing the crown back home. We wish these ladies the best and will bring you the outcome of that event in subsequent newscasts. 

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