An educational meeting was held yesterday between members of the National Traffic Department and Municipal Traffic Authority from Corozal Town and over a hundred taxi drivers from the district at the Andres Campos Civic Center.

Several issues where brought to the lime light including the revision of the Taxi Laws. During the meeting, two topics that raised tensions was the invading of taxi stands and the different fees being charged by taxi drivers. In order to calm the waters a separate meeting was held with presidents of the taxi unions so as to find a solution to the problems.

Today we contacted Senior Traffic Officer for the Corozal District Richard Quan for an update on the meeting.


Screen_Shot_2014-02-21_at_8.14.15_PMRichard Quan Jr. - Senior Traffic Officer

“Well the outcome was good and they shook their hands with one another and they insisted that they will respect one another territory and so hopefully this will work out.”

Victor Castillo –Reporter

“In respect to the tariff, yesterday we mention about the tariff; one Union charging $2 and the other Union charging $2.50, did any agreement was made between the Unions whereby either one would raise their price or the other would lower their price what will be the outcome?”

Richard Quan Jr. - Senior Traffic Officer

“I told them that I will check with the National Transport Department so that they can tell me what the tariff from Corozal to the Border is because national transport should be giving the tariff for that.”

The question tonight is will the fee to the Northern Border return to $2.00 or will it remain at $2.50? we Will inform our viewers when that decision is made.

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