Screen_Shot_2014-02-21_at_8.13.31_PMEarlier this year we reported on plans to start construction of a VIP area at the Corozal Free Zone which would feature authentic and luxury goods instead of cheap knock-off goods that is common in most stores at the Free Zone.


In late 2013 the Honorary Consul to Belize Jorge Valencia spoke with the Mexican press stating that the facility will cost somewhere around fifty million US dollars to construct and be located next to the international bridge with Belize, “Chactemal”.

The story has changed today however as again the Mexican Press is reporting that the facility did not receive government’s approval. In an interview with the Mexican media, Corozal Free Zone administrator, David Akierman stated categorically that through the Deputy Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega, the Prime Minister Dean Barrow has confirmed that the government will not authorize the construction and opening of any other free zone anywhere in the Santa Elena border area. Here is an excerpt of the story published today in the Mexican Press.


“El gobierno de Belice por medio del corresponsal que es el Vice Primer Ministro de Belice, el senor Gaspar Vega no ha confirmado que el gobierno de Belice no va a autoriza la apertura de ninguna otra zona libre sea VIP o zona libre en esta zona o esta parte del país, lo que es en la frontera Subteniente Lopez, Santa Elena. Definitivamente cualquier empresa que esté interesado sea de cualquiera siempre y cuando puedan someter los criterios que se necesita para poder ingresar para esta zona libre.”

Akierman added that any company interested in opening shop at the Corozal Free is welcomed to go through the necessary process to do so. He concluded that the project was simply a rumor just as the Belizean Government is not issuing any permits for construction.

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